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Friday, 30 August 2019

This new feature of WhatsApp will be open with no need

This feature of WhatsApp will significantly profit users. Particularly for those users who use voice messages more.
Texting application WhatsApp has been persistently chipping away at improving voice messages for quite a while. As of late, the feature of back to back voice message has come up. Under this, you can tune in to voice messages consistently after one. There will be no compelling reason to tap the voice message without fail.

WhatsApp is currently trying another feature about voice messages. Under this, you will almost certainly tune in to the Voice Message sent in WhatsApp as a preview from the Notification panel. This feature is right now a work in progress and it is presently being tried for the iPhone as it were. 

This feature can be seen in a screen capture shared by WAbetaifno. This photograph is demonstrating a play catch close to the voice message in the notification panel. As a preview, users will probably tune in to voice messages for a couple of moments with the goal that they will get the possibility that what this voice message is about. 

As indicated by the report, WhatsApp can get this feature with enormous features the following couple of months. It is being informed that after the iOS 13 overhaul, the organization can discharge this feature which will likewise be accessible in Dark Mode. iOS will come in September 13 and at exactly that point would this be able to feature come. As per the WABetainfo report, iOS users will get Dark Mode first, and after that solitary Android users will get this feature. 

There is likewise a feature preview of Media preview before this in which WhatsApp can see the preview of the photos in the Notification panel. Prior to that, users needed to open WhatsApp to see each picture, however after the landing of this feature, they would now be able to see straightforwardly from the Notification panel.

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