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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

31/08/20 Shitiye Shikshak Vidyarthi Setup Ready Karava Babat latest Paripatra

31/08/20 Shitiye Shikshak Vidyarthi Setup Ready  Karava  Babat latest Paripatra

 Matter of preparing teacher setup register corresponding to the student-teacher ratio in primary schools as on 31/08/2020. 

 To state the above subject, to prepare and submit the specimen of the primary schools under your district/town education committee as on 31/08/2020, corresponding to the student-teacher ratio, and the teacher set up registers as per these instructions by the date mentioned below.  Is stated.  

After the setup register of your district is ready, you will send the setup to register to the office of Gujarat State Primary Education Selection Committee, Sector-20, Gandhinagar on the following date and time with the soft copy (CD) in Shruti font to the knowledgeable employee.  Statistical details have to be prepared in the ARIAL font and the rest in Shruti font.

Schools with zero children in primary schools are not to be shown in the setup.  Schools with zero child crows are therefore told to close with immediate effect.

  If this is not done, the responsibility of the concerned TPEO will be determined, which will be taken seriously.  In each school, the number of students will have to be shown in the setup register after checking the children who are studying regularly from your level.  Std.  1 to 5 and std.  

Details of attendance of students from 6th to 8th as well as the number of teachers to be met should be given accurately and verified.  If schools other than the committee are listed, it will not be considered.  3 When showing the setup of the Head Teacher (HTAT).  

HTAT headmaster is available as per RTE Act only where there are more than 150 students in 1st to 5th and/or more than 100 students in 6th to 8th, keeping in view the details in the setup.  

31/08/20 Shitiye Shikshak Vidyarthi Setup Ready  Karava  Babat latest Paripatra

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The certificate attached must be provided.  The certificate of the headteacher should be kept at the taluka level while the certificate of the taluka primary education officer should be kept at the district level.  Its basis has to be verified by the District Primary Education Officer and the certificate has to be submitted to the Director's Office along with the setup register.

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