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Monday, 10 August 2020

5 September 2020 Sixak Din Ujavani Karva babaat latest paripatra

5 September 2020 Sixak Din Ujavani Karva babaat latest paripatra 

In This Post, We Are providing Information About 5 September 2020 Sixak Din Ujavani Karva baba at the latest paripatra. 

Teacher day 2020 ujavavani Karaykam Ni margdarshika 

You are well aware that every year Pami September is celebrated as "Teacher's Day".  In the current year also, on the day of Pami September 2020, it is requested to take the following action in your district regarding the program on the occasion of "Teacher's Day." 

5 September 2020 Sixak Din Ujavani Karva babaat latest paripatra

(1)  The best teachers at the state, district and taluka level are asked to maintain a social distance and the district level is asked to make arrangements for no more than thirty persons to be present at the venue and to be honored there.  Drafts of cash amount will be given by the office here. Which will have to be obtained by the concerned districts by coming in person from the office here on 01/09/20. 

(2) Grant will be allotted by the office here for district and taluka level rewards  Expenditure of the award program from the grant has to be arranged from the district level. 

(3) Beg from the state level My Honorable Governor, Hon'ble Chief  Minister, Hon'ble Minister of Education and Hon.  The Minister of State for Education will be present and provide guidance.  

(4) For the Teacher's Day program, at least members should be present by the local celebration committee, maintaining social distance, making the program a success. 

 (5) The proposed outline of the program will be informed later if the program has been approved to be conducted through Byseg in the current year.  

(6) Organize the Teacher's Day program as per the guidance received by the local celebration committee and considering the geographical, historical, cultural, and economic situation of your district. 

 (7) During the Teacher's Day program, the aim is to collect maximum contribution for each district on the occasion of Teacher's Day and keeping this in mind, to organize a program to collect maximum contribution. 

 (8) The work of collecting this contribution can be kept for one week starting from the date of 9th September, Teacher's Day.  

(9) The amount of contribution collected during this program shall be deposited in the following details.

Point no 10 is seen below images

5 September 2020 Sixak Din Ujavani Karva babaat latest paripatra

11.  Special care should be taken not to send the contribution collected from you by cash or demand draft or check to this office and it should be credited to the above mentioned State Bank account. 

 12.  To appeal to the industrial complex industrialists of the district to contribute generously on the occasion of "Teacher's Day".  

13.  Necessary arrangements for collection of contributions should be made by each District Education Officer, District Primary Education Officer, and Govt. 

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 14.  To send the report of the Teacher's Day celebration to this office in the name of Dr. SP Chaudhary, Deputy Director by 5th June 2020.  Include photographs of your district's programs and details of contributions collected in the report.  

15.  On the occasion of Teacher's Day on 9th September, the program for awarding teachers at taluka, district level, and state-level is asked to be conducted in such a way that it does not exceed a maximum of thirty members.  

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