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Tuesday 1 September 2020

Aakash Digital Learning App Free Live Demo Class Aakash Ituor Learning Live

Aakash Digital Learning App Free Live Demo Class  Aakash Ituor Learning Live 

We are providing Information About Aakash Digital Learning App Free Live Demo Class  Aakash Ituor Learning Live. Aakash Digital Best Online coaching For NEET, IIT, Jee, and More competitive Exam.Aakash itutor Live free class.Aakash Digital app features.Aakash Digital Learning app Review.

About Aakash Digital  aakash itutor  

30 Years of Aakash Legacy Now Available at Your Home

Aakash Digital enables students to prepare for JEE, NEET, and grades 8-12 school, board, and competitive exams get quality coaching at the convenience of their home. The education tech platform brings the tutorial legacy and discipline of Aakash Institute to your home through live online classes, recorded video lectures, and online practice tests. It empowers students who want quality education but do not have access to an equivalent thanks to geography or economic reasons.

The Aakash Digital Learning App is developed to form your NEET, JEE, and sophistication 8-10 preparation a breeze. This App offers FREE Demo Live classes from the topic experts of Aakash.

Aakash Digital Learning App Free Live Demo Class  Aakash Ituor Learning Live
Aakash Digital Learning App Free Live Demo Class  Aakash Ituor Learning Live 

This App isn't for current Aakash (Classroom/Digital) students.

The prescheduled Live demo classes from the simplest of Aakash faculty will assist you to remain updated with every important subject from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, and Botany.

 You can enroll and reserve your seat in advance. Once you register for a class, you can access the recorded videos of past Live lectures and enroll for the upcoming Live demo classes in parallel. You can choose any particular topic/chapter of your choice from several pre-scheduled lectures. You can also join in more than one Live demo class, scheduled at varying time-slots.

How to Download Aakash Digital Learning app 

The app is compatible with all the Android mobiles & tablets.

To begin your learning journey, follow the subsequent steps:

1.Download the Aakash Digital Learning App FREE Live Demo Class from the Play Store

Download App Click Here

2- Sign Up With the details of your name, class, email, etc.

3- Select the web Live Demo Class you would like to hitch and tap on Enroll.

4- Join the Free Live Demo Class and learn online from the simplest faculty at Aakash.

5- Access to recorded videos of Past Live Sessions

The Interface of the Aakash Digital Learning App is extremely easy and user friendly. One can easily access the app and may even navigate to any particular section with none difficulty.

So, buckle up and be ready to study for your exams from the comfort and safety of your home with the best teachers of Aakash.

About Aakash 

Aakash is an established name in IIT/JEE and NEET preparation, guiding students since 1988. Known for its extensive NEET lectures and IIT-JEE learning sessions, the coaching institute has made a mark within the educational arena. The application from the house of Aakash Education Services Private Limited has been tailored to satisfy the requirements of not just Engineering and Medical aspirants, but also students aiming to ace various examinations.

Aakash Digital Learning App - FREE Live Demo Class

Time to Step Ahead about Aakash Digital learning app online live Class

Aakash Educational Services Ltd. comes up with its e-learning platform called Aakash Digital. This prepares you for National and State Level Medical & Engineering Entrance Exams along with thorough preparation for CBSE Board Exams. The program is delivered through a series of pre-scheduled life and recorded online lectures and has extensive course coverage.

Aakash Digital has a group of passionate individuals with a goal of providing knowledge and guidance to students creating an environment that not only guides them to fulfill their dreams but also inspires them to acknowledge and achieve their true potential.

Our digital learning program brings Aakash’s quality classroom coaching, developed over the past 30 years to your home while helping you save some time, money, and supplying you with a flexibility to learn.

About Aakash

Aakash Educational Services Ltd. (AESL) is a vision conceptualized by the great visionary, Honorable Mr. J C Chaudhry? His untiring sincere efforts have brought him laurels as he has been instrumental in changing the lives of thousands of aspiring students over the decades. Aakash has been pivotal in churning out medicos and engineers, who have successively been instrumental in taking healthcare also as engineering industry to unprecedented heights.

 This exceptional brand within the education arena has molded 'knowledge thirsty' brains to such an extent that folks testify them because of the 'best brains' of the country. Mr. Chaudhry – the drive behind this institution, has not only made Aakash, a real educational group but also steered it to such a spiraling height where one could see nothing but Aakash - a respectable brand name.

Aakash Online Classes For Neet Frees are check On App

Ever since its inception in 1988, Aakash Educational Services Ltd. has emerged as a benchmark within the arena of ‘Coaching & Guidance’ with its excellent performance in various Medical and Engineering Entrance Exams held across India. Taking the legacy of excellence forward, today, Aakash has become synonymous with quality coaching for both ‘Medical & Engineering’ Entrance Exams. For the last 24 years, it has been producing 1st Rankers in various Medical & Engineering Entrance Exams across India.

Our 3 decades of experience, thousands of selections in Medical and Engineering Entrance Exams, a countrywide network of more than 170 classroom centers with over 150 exam centers, a collective annual base of over 150,000 students and above all, the trust of millions of parents and students, have together made us a reliable educational group in the arena of focused and qualitative preparation for Medical and Engineering entrance exams.

Aakash Digital Classroom Program

At Aakash LIVE since the inception, we have spent over 14,300+ hours imparting online coaching to 3600+ students. Aakash LIVE prepares for competitive exams with integration to the regular classroom schedule. These classes are interactive - students can ask questions during the category and obtain instant answers from respective faculty.

Why Aakash Digital Classroom?

Aakash's premier coaching at your school premises Preparation of board as well as competitive exams by Aakash Delhi Faculty Continuous evaluation with several tests No wastages of time, energy & money in travel.

Aakash Institute fee Structure is available in the official app or website
Safe for students

Cost-Effective - fractional price compared to our classroom program
All this may cause excellent leads to competitive & board exams from the varsity. It will improve not just student/parent satisfaction, but school brand equity too. 

Aakash Digital Learning App Free Live Demo Class  Aakash Ituor Learning Live
Aakash Digital Learning App Free Live Demo Class  Aakash Ituor Learning Live 

Benefits for the school

improved Student Results:

This next-generation learning solution will catalyze students' learning and thereby boost their results (both inboard as well as entrance exams).

Enhanced USP and Boost in Enrolments:

This program will add to the school's USP and will enhance the school's brand and thereby boost enrolments.

Branding Benefit:

The school can mention "Powered by Aakash Live" in school information brochure, handbills, etc. with prior approval from Aakash Educational Services Pvt Ltd.

Display Board with Aakash Branding:

A 6'x4' display board will be provided to the school with "School name powered by Aakash Live"

Aakash Digital  Learning App Features

  • High-quality and well-researched study material
  • Lectures by qualified Aakash faculty
  • Regular assessment through online practice tests
  • Quick doubt resolution during and after the class
  • Akash Digital Products

Now you don’t need to leave home to get quality coaching for medical, JEE, and foundations exam preparation as you can bring it to your home with live online classes by Aakash Live.

Online Classes At Home 

Attend live online classes by qualified Aakash faculty at the convenience of your home.

Doubt resolution

Ask your doubts anytime during the category and obtain immediate answers from the school.
Online PTM

Online PTM

Online dashboard for folks to assist them to interact with teachers and keep track of their child’s progress.

Class Replay

Recordings of live classes Watch recordings of live classes as repeatedly as you would like for revision.

Now strengthen your medical, JEE, and foundations exam preparation by watching recorded video lectures from qualified Aakash faculty.

Subject Wise Lectures

You can choose subject-wise video lectures to find out and revise concepts.
Doubt Resolution

Doubt resolution

Ask your doubts on any topic through ‘Ask an Expert’ and get answers from Aakash faculty.
Integrated Tests

Important Link for This Post 

Download Aakash Digital Learning App 
Official website of Aakash Digital live 

Integrated tests and assessments

Regularly assess and improve your preparation with online practice tests.

Multi-device platform

Watch recorded video lectures on any device including a laptop, desktop, iPad, or mobile phone.

Now analyze and improve your NEET, JEE, and foundations exam preparation with online practice tests by Aakash practice.

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