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Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Now a country one exam, the biggest decision taken for the youth looking for a job in the Modi cabinet

Now a country one exam, the biggest decision taken for the youth looking for a job in the Modi cabinet

Big decisions are being taken in the Modi cabinet today. A big announcement for farmers, an announcement to privatize the country's airports and now a big decision has been taken in the Modi cabinet for the students of the country.

Major decisions were taken in the Modi cabinet today

One country one exam announcement for students now

Announcement of National Recruitment Agency

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said in a cabinet briefing that the National Recruitment Agency has been announced in the Union Cabinet. This will make the recruitment process easier.

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Declaration of National Recruitment Agency

The central government has given very good news for the youth in search of jobs. In today's meeting, the Modi cabinet has approved a proposal to set up a national recruitment agency. Under this, tests will be conducted twice a year and one thousand examination centers will be set up. These centers will be set up at the district headquarters. Age will not be relaxed. The fee waiver will remain the same. The internal examinations will be held in 12 languages. The National Recruitment Agency will be headquartered in Delhi. Students will also save money from exams, they will not have to run around much.

Friends take special note

 Great news for a candidate preparing for competitive exams

 Gujarat Secretariat and Government Offices are getting vacant as retirement age of employees has started for last five years.

 The time has come to recruit state government employees

This recruitment is not retail but wholesale

 Now is the time for state government offices

A large number of 15000 to 17000 employees are retiring every year

More than 20,000 employees have retired from the government in 2019

 As many as 19,700 employees are retiring in 2020 and 17,500 in 2021

More than one lakh employees are retiring in the next five years which is a very big figure

 About 3,000 to 5,000 teachers are also retiring each year

Candidates preparing for competitive exams should be aware from now on

 At any time, the Gujarat government can announce large-scale recruitment

 Along with this I am giving some important information which will be useful to the students / candidates

1. There is a strong possibility that a large number of youth of the state will participate in the coming time due to recruitment of different departments, different classes

2. Preparation is not to give any exam without filling any exam form in appearance

3. All the recruitment process in Gujarat Government has been done online.

Offline is completely off

4. The recruitment process of Gujarat Government has become completely transparent, so do not get entangled in any agent or trade money.

5. One cannot pass the exam by reading any one book

 Nowadays various apps, websites also offer very good useful information

 According to the syllabus of that exam, seriously prepare in the right direction

6. It is necessary to study for 5 to 6 hours daily

Old paper should be sold

7. It is important to be ready with full preparation for any exam

8. Since the competition in this time of recruitment is very big only the students who will work hard will be successful

9. Candidates with the idea of ​​preparing after the announcement of the exam get nothing but failure.

10. Only a Gujarati candidate who is constantly, persistently, regularly preparing can succeed

11 There is no shortcut to success. The study material required for competitive exam preparation should be collected and prepared through various means.

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 I urge every candidate to start preparing for the competitive exam from today onwards.

 Feel in constant preparation

 The Government of Gujarat can conduct various examinations at any time at a convenient time, in a conducive environment

Fill in the form accurately in any exam where you have prepared and are qualified

Kindly request the promising gifted students / candidates of Gujarat to give competitive exams in any situation, under any circumstances.


 Achieving success comes a long way in life's journey.

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