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Thursday, 22 October 2020

Ekam Kashoti Tarikh badalava Babat Paripatra

Ekam Kashoti Tarikh  badalava Babat Paripatra

According to the above topic and context with Jayabharat, various home-loving efforts have been undertaken by the Education Department of the State Government to ensure that students can get an education even in the event of closure of schools during the COVID-19 epidemic.  For this, the unit test is organized for the students of Std. 09 to Std. 12 at the end of every month. 


The following instructions should be taken into consideration for the fourth unit test of Std-09 to Std-12 to be held in October 2020.  

Instructions: - Standard-09 to 12 unit test date.  

It will be held from October 27 to 28.  - Gujarati (first and second language) for Std-10 and Science and Mathematics and Social Science subjects for Std-09 are included in the fourth unit test.  The question paper of each subject will be of 25 marks and its duration will be a maximum of one hour.  Date: - Unit test question papers should be delivered to the students by 21/10/2020. 

 The syllabus of the fourth unit test will be until July, August, and September. 

 Details of the subject and syllabus are given in the enclosure.  (Std. 09 to Std. 12) - Unit test will be organized only on the basis of a textbook published by the Gujarat State School Textbook Board.  The unit test question papers from the unit test e-mail address of the office here will be delivered to the District Education Officer on 25/10/2020 at the official and confidential e-mail address.  

The password will be sent along with the password that is protected.  That the District Education Officer should send the unit test question papers on 25/10/2020 to the official and confidential e-mail address of all svs / qps convener of the district. 

The SVS / QDS Convener will have to send the unit test question papers to the principals of all the private / granted / government secondary / higher secondary schools of their campus on 26/10/2020 at their official and confidential e-mail address.  The principal has to deliver both the relevant question papers in soft copy or hard copy to all the students by 11:30 pm on 25/10/2020. 

  In the above chain ..... GSHSEB • Deo - vs / ABC Convener - Principal will be able to use the e-mail address obtained for each phase for all unit tests.  

- The unit test question paper sent to the District Education Officer on 25/10/2020 from here to the official email address will also be placed on the Board's website on 27/10/2020.  So that the students/parents can easily get the question papers, the students can answer the unit test of both the subjects.  

By 05/11/2020, the principal will have to give necessary instructions in a separate notebook made at his convenience, self-disciplined, to write from home under the supervision of the guardian.  Answers are written by the student in the notebook in soft copy or hard copy.  Must be delivered to the school principal by 05/11/2020. 

 Parents/students who are unable to come to school should be instructed to send in a soft copy.  Considering the situation of coviD-19, for planning, notebook acceptance, and evaluation, and other guidance, it has to be planned to keep in view the instructions given in the letter dated 13/08/2020 of the office here. 

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According to the resolution of 12/10/2020, Gujarati, Mathematics, Science and Social Science in Std-9 and Std-10 while Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as well as General Stream for Std-11 and Std-12 Science streams.  Therefore, unit question papers of English, Nama Basics, Commercial System, Psychology, Economics, and Statistics are to be prepared from the board level. Apart from this, it is desirable that standard and subject question papers be prepared by the school and taken as unit tests.

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