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Saturday, 26 December 2020

Gujarat Corona Update Date 26-12-20

 GUJARAT CORONA UPDATE: 890 new corona patients, 1002 recovered, 07 patients died due to corona

Corona's condition in the state is getting worse day by day. Gradually the Corona figure now crossed 1400. However, now that Corona is slowly coming under control, the numbers are dwindling and at one point the cases are going below 1000. However, Diwali saw a sudden surge in the number of cases. 

After the night curfew, the situation is slowly declining and the figures are slowly declining. After a long time, the number of consecutive corona cases has come down to 1000. Today 890 new corona patients were registered in the state. In the state, 1002 new patients have recovered and returned home. A total of 2,26,208 patients have recovered so far.

The recovery rate of patients in the state has reached 93.86 percent. The government is also claiming that the number of tests in the state is increasing day by day. A total of 53,539 tests were conducted in the state today. 

Which is 823.68 per million per day according to the population of the state. A total of 93,84,030 tests have been conducted in the state so far.

A total of 5,04,597 persons have been quarantined in different districts of the state to date. Out of which 5,04,481 persons have been home quarantined. While information is being received that 116 persons have been kept in facility quarantine.

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 If we talk about active patients, there are currently 10,512 active cases in the state. 61 on the ventilator. While 10,451 people are stable. 2,26,208 people have been discharged. A total of 4275 people have been killed so far. 

Today 07 people have died. Out of which 04 patients of Ahmedabad Corporation, 01 patient of Mehsana, 01 patient of Rajkot Corporation and 01 patient of Surat Corporation have died due to corona.

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