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Wednesday 30 December 2020

Home Learning Time table January 2021

   Home Learning Time table January 2021

Home Learning New time table 1 January  to 15 January 

In This Post, We Are Provide Information About Std 1 to 12 Home Learning Time Table January 2021. std 1 to 12 Home Learning Video DD Girnar Time Table January 2021. std 9 to 12 Virtual Class Live Video Time Table January   2021.Home Learning Time Table DD Girnar January  2021. std 1 to 2 Home Learning Time Table January  2021. Standard 3 to 5 Home Learning Time Table January 2021.std 6 to 8 Home Learning Time Table January 2021.std 9 to 12 Home Learning Time Table January  2021.Standard 9 to 12 Virtual Class YouTube Time Table January  2021. Std 1 to 12 Home Learning Time Table DD Girnar And Diksha Portal.

Std 1 to 12 Home Learning Time table January  2021

Home Learning Time Table January  2021

 DD Girnar through Doordarshan Kendra Ahmedabad  Programs is being broadcast on the channel. 

Students are benefiting from these programs with the cooperation of all of you, wide publicity under good leadership. 

Standard 6 to 8 HOME LEARNING TIME TABLE DD GIRNAR January 2021

 Based on these suggestions, DD Girnar channel through DD Girnar channel for Std-1 and Std-1 for Std-1 and Std. 

It is desirable that the students of Std. 1 and 8 watches this program in the presence of their parents or elder siblings. 

According to the above subject and context, it is not possible to call the students.

std 9 to 12 January  Month Time table of DD Girnar Prasaran

  Vande Gujarat channel is available on free dishes.  Apart from this from 1.09.2020 through TV. Doordarshan Kendra D.D.  Educational programs have started broadcasting from the Girnar channel. 

9th to 12th" has started airing on the DD Girnar channel from 15.06.2020. 


Today's date of 26-6-20 and today released the new timetable of dd Girnar Prasaran. DD Girnar Home Learning New time table. Home Learning time table in November 2020.DD Girnar Prasaran std 3 to 12 January month new time table.

 Time TABLE  STD 1 TO 12 OF DD Girnar Prasaran January  2021

 04:30 to 5:00 Std 1

5:00 To 5:30 Std 2

09.00 to 09.30:  STD 3 

09.30 to 10.00 ; STD 4 

10.00 to 10.30  STD 5 

10.30 to 11.00 STD  6 

11.30 to 12.00  STD 7

 02.30 to 03.00 STD  8

 12.00 to 01.00  STD  9/10 


 (1) GTPL- 275 

(2) Airtel - 589

 (3) TATA SKY - 1749 

(4) VIDEOCON - 878

 (5) DISHTV - 1279 

(6) SUN - 660 1:19 

Home Learning New time table 1 January  15 January 

Important Link For New Time Table

Download New paripatra: Click Here

Std 1 to 2  1 January to 15 January  Time table: Click Here

Std 3 to 5 January to 15 January  Time table: Click Here

Std 6 to 8 January to 15 January  Time table: Click Here


 The home learning program will start from January to 15 January 


std 3 to 5 January to 15 January  Month time table

 Virtual classrooms are planned.  To ensure that children are not deprived of education the teacher has to call his students every day and do homework with the book and learn from home learning and seek the help of local teachers to be monitored by CRC BRC.

 Students need to learn something new in their studies.

  Attended 1,13,000 online courses by teachers.

 The main goal is for the student to learn useful things in life and get away from the curb.

  P Bharti Madam spd SSA 

 Arrangements have been made for textbook distribution for online learning. 

There will be a broadcast on television for which a nice video has been made and a timesheet has been made which has been circulated.  Virtual classrooms will provide education to 22 lakh students at home from Microsoft, according to NCERT.  The QR code is given in the textbook.  How children get an education is very important.


 It is very important to do a careful assessment. To put the efforts of teachers in the workplace.  Certificates for congratulations to teachers who have done well in this regard, taking into account online operations, QR codes, teaching children differently, parental contact awareness.

 Calls will start coming from CCC, in which feedback will have to be given.

new Samaypatra of Home Learning December 2020

 The unit test will start in July. 

 The Mission School of Excellence project has received approval from the World Bank. 

Children from private schools will be arranged to come to the government school.  Admission test of students who have passed Std. Top Five in Model School will be done and all will be admitted in Model School and KGBV.

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