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Monday 28 December 2020

what is the Gujarat government's master plan for the vaccination campaign

 Corona Vaccine: Find out what is the Gujarat government's master plan for the vaccination campaign

The Gujarat government has prepared a master plan for the corona vaccination campaign. The Gujarat government has prepared an army of more than 15,000 qualified vaccinators for this. The government aims to vaccinate everyone in the next 6 months. The government has also made special arrangements for what to do in case of any side effects after vaccination.

what is the Gujarat government's master plan for the vaccination campaign

Prime Minister Modi has said that a grand campaign of corona vaccination will be carried out across the country. The campaign will be launched as soon as the vaccine arrives. Vaccination will be done as per the phase decided by the Central Government. Then the Gujarat government has also prepared a master plan for the vaccination campaign. The Gujarat government has also prepared a database of more than 1 crore people above the age of 50 for vaccination. The government has also collected data on more than 4 lakh healthcare works and more than 6 lakh frontline works. All data and all surveys of vaccinations will be managed on the digital portal.

Dr. Nayan Jani, Gujarat State Coordinator, Corona Vaccination Campaign, said, “We will get the Corona vaccine very soon. The Gujarat government has prepared a complete team for vaccination. We have done this kind of campaign before. So we will be able to carry out this campaign easily. The campaign is also getting support from various organizations including UNICEF and the private sector. Experts say that whenever your survey team comes there, you need your details to get vaccinated without any fear. Vaccination was discussed in detail at the Covid workshop held in Ahmedabad jointly by UNICEF, PDPU and Gujarat Media Club (GMC).

An army of 15 thousand vaccinators is ready to vaccinate

The Gujarat government's health department has given the final touches to the preparations for vaccinating people in the corona vaccination campaign. An army of more than 15,000 qualified vaccinators affiliated with the health department has been prepared. Special training on how to give is also given.

What to do if someone has side effects after getting vaccinated?

If anyone has side effects after taking the corona vaccine, they will be given the mobile number of a healthcare worker in their area. The number of the medical officer will also be given. The AEFI team will contact you if you report your problem by calling her number. If need be, you will be given full treatment at the government's expense. Experts say that any vaccine has common side effects. But that is a very common thing. No one needs to be afraid of it. The government has also prepared a backup plan in this manner.

What will the Vaccination Room look like?

A special vaccination center will be set up to administer the corona vaccine. In which different Vaccination Room will be prepared. There will be a waiting room for people coming to get vaccinated. Then there will be a vaccination room. There will also be an observation room to check for the vaccine. This observation room will be kept under the supervision of the Healthcare Office for at least 30 minutes after the vaccine is given to the beneficiary. The Vaccination Center will have sanitation system. Let the yard distance be taken into account, i.e., social distance. Doses will be given by keeping only one person present in the room at a time.

There will be a special team at the vaccination center

 The Vaccination Center will have a special team of 5 people deployed. Which will have a key ANM member. Which will be supervised by a team of 4 other people. In which there will be a policeman. There will be a nurse. There will be a health worker. There will be a vaccinator. Mostly female vaccinators will be kept.

How to get admission to Vaccination Center?

You will be admitted based on your registration in the door-to-door survey to get the corona vaccine. In which you have to keep your Aadhaar card or the proof given at the time of registration. You will be sanitized first when entering the center.

This special information will be provided by the Vaccination Center

Beneficiary special counseling will be given after taking the corona vaccine. In which he will be given special information about Corona. Information will be given on what to do if any problems occur after vaccination. Information for another dose of vaccine will be given after one dose. And compliance with Covid's guidelines.

સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

Where will the Vaccination Center be set up?

Similar to the election process at various district and taluka levels, arrangements will be made for vaccination of Kovid in schools, panchayat offices, Manpani offices, community halls. And all beneficiaries will be kept updated on the CO-WIN dashboard.

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