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Monday, 15 February 2021

Special Read / Driving Google Maps will no longer be a nuisance for those who use Google Maps

  Special Read / Driving Google Maps will no longer be a nuisance for those who use Google Maps

Nowadays everyone can easily reach their destination with the help of Google Map. People prefer to use Google Maps. But using Google Maps while carrying a mobile while driving can lighten your pockets.

What are the advantages of navigation?

While driving, people usually turn on Google Maps or Navigation. One of the advantages is that you are aware of the road. So if there is any traffic on the road you already know. And in time you can find another way. Let me tell you, if you navigate with a mobile phone in hand, immediately put a mobile holder on the dashboard in your car. Failure to do so may result in the traffic police cutting off your invoice.

Using a mobile phone while driving is illegal

Recently, a case came to light in which a person's challan was cut by the police. The driver questioned why he was fined if he did not talk to anyone on his mobile. Delhi Police said it was against the traffic rules to use Google Maps without a mobile holder on the dashboard or in the hand. This is because doing so can lead to distractions while driving. And accidents can happen. It is worth mentioning that this case falls into the category of reckless driving. And the police also refused to listen to the man's arguments. And his challan was also cut.

What is the provision in the Motor Vehicle Act?

Police wrote in the fine column in the currency that the person was using the phone while driving. The man did not put a mobile holder in his car and was using Google Maps with a phone in his hand. The Motor Vehicle Act prohibits talking and using the phone while driving, police said. There is a risk of an accident while driving with a phone in hand. In this case the currency has been deducted under that section

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Talking on speaker or hands free while driving will be deducted

There is also a currency provision for talking on speaker or hands free while driving. Usually, the phone speaker is turned on or hands-free while driving. According to the Motor Vehicle Act, there is also a provision to cut currency. Police say that while driving, any act that distracts falls under the category of all crimes. As per the rules of the Motor Vehicles Act, there is a provision to deduct currency up to Rs.

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