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Friday, 26 March 2021

How to increase the speed of the internet on mobile.

  Does the speed of the internet in your mobile slow down? Take this step to increase the speed of the internet on mobile.

Our lives today are incomplete without the Internet. Internet is required to operate every device from phone to laptop. Now, most of our work is done through the internet. In this case, if the speed of the internet in your phone slows down, the trouble starts. Internet speed is also slow due to network problems in many areas. In case you are also bothered by this problem, we are giving you some such tips, through which you can also know about the internet speed in your phone and also increase it.

How to increase the speed of the internet on mobile.

Does your mobile internet speed slow down? Your mobile is truly getting 4G speed. This problem is especially prevalent among Geo users. In addition to smartphones, Geo is now offering its customers more internet data plans. Users are complaining about the speed issue of Geo, which claims high-speed internet.

According to the users, the speed is not as high as claimed. According to users, the speed of Geo 4G used to be 20 to 25 Mbps but now it is only 3.5 Mbps. However, it is not necessary that the problem of speed is coming only to the users of Geo. This can also be due to a change in the settings of the smartphone. In that case, users need to change some of the settings of their phones. Then the fast speed will start to meet.

1. Change to APN setting

You can increase the speed of your 4G phone to change the APN setting. For that, you have to go to mobile settings and select the option of mobile networks. Set the preferred network type to LTE within it.

2. Select the APN protocol option.

Now go back to mobile settings and select Access point names. Clicking on this will bring up many options. Select the APN protocol option in it. Do it on Ipv4 / Ipv6.

3. Select the Bearer option.

Now here you will find the option of Bearer. Select it in LTE too.

4. Delete cache files.

The Android system randomly uses and saves some files. These files are called cache files. Deleting a cache file can speed up your phone.

How to check data speed in mobile - Nowadays many phones are offering internet speed checking facilities on behalf of the company, but if your phone does not have this feature, you have to take the help of a third-party app. You can download the Internet Speed ​​Meter app from the Play Store. You can download and view app reviews and ratings. Now you can check the speed of the internet with it.

Thus increase the speed of the internet in the phone

Restart the phoneDSX

If the internet is running slow on the phone then first of all you have to restart the phone. Doing so searches the mobile network a second time and increases its data speed. If you do not want to turn off the phone, turn off TEDA once and turn it on again.

Flight mode off/on If you want to increase the speed of the internet without turning off the phone, you can move the phone to flight mode, it also improves the speed.

Check usage data

Sometimes the speed of internet decreases even after the daily data limit is met in prepaid plans. That's why you need to check the data usage in your phone when the internet is slow.

Disable auto-download updates

If your phone is still running slow internet, your phone may have the Auto Update option on the Play Store to update apps. So that some data is used. And the speed of internet also decreases. So turn off auto-update.

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Change the network speed of the phone

Sometimes the speed of the internet goes up or down even when the settings of the phone are tampered with. For that, when the speed of the internet is low, try changing the speed of the internet on the phone once.

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