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Tuesday 30 March 2021

latest Gold Rate of india

 Gold Rate Today: Gold prices fall by Rs 12,921, find out whether there will be profit or loss on investment

Amidst the economic crisis caused by the Coronavirus, not only India but people all over the world have the most confidence in Gold Investment.

Amidst the economic crisis caused by the Coronavirus, not only India but people all over the world have the most confidence in Gold Investment. As a result, gold prices reached record highs in August 2020 on the back of strong buying by investors. Gold made huge profits for investors during 2020. Gold price touched a high of Rs 57,008 per 10 grams on August 7, 2020 in the Delhi Gold Market. At that time, the price of silver was also at its highest level on this day. Then as the good news about the Corona Vaccine came out, the Gold-Silver Price began to fall as people began to turn to other investment options as economic activity improved.

latest  Gold Rate of india
latest  Gold Rate of india

The gold price has declined by Rs 12,927 to Rs 44,081 per 10 grams from August 7, 2020 to Friday, March 26, 2021. Silver was at Rs 77,840 per kg on August 7, 2020, down from Rs 13,564 on Friday to Rs 64,276. Meanwhile, investors are surprised by the daily ups and downs in the Gold-Silver Price. He should invest in gold or wait even longer. Some investors are confused about whether to sell or hold the gold they have. Let us know what the trend will be in gold in the future and if you invest now, will it be a profit or a loss?

Gold prices will touch record levels in 2021

Experts say that as the corona vaccination campaign gains momentum around the world, people are turning to other investment options. This has brought down the price of gold. However, they do not think this condition will last long. Indian stock exchanges, including most of the world's stock markets, have also gained momentum. Markets are now seeing a big decline due to frequent profit bookings. Risk also increases with profits as stock markets go higher. A large number of investors will then turn to gold as a safe investment option. This will support the price of gold and it will start going up again. Experts believe that gold prices are also set to rise in 2021, based on data from previous years. It is estimated that in 2021, the price of gold will touch Rs. Will break the 63,000 mark and set a new record.

Can you make strong profits in the long run?

There is also a large segment of investors who want to know if it would be safe to invest in gold at current prices. Can they take advantage of this opportunity and make a strong profit by investing for the long term. On this, experts say that there are many reasons behind the current decline in gold prices. The biggest reason for this is the acceleration in the vaccination drive of the corona vaccine, the good news about the new vaccine, and an increase in economic activity. At the same time, the dollar's strength against other major currencies is having an impact on gold prices. In his view, the US dollar and gold behave oppositely to each other. If demand for the dollar increases, gold prices will come under pressure.

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Gold will soon reach 1960 1960 per ounce

Increased corona vaccination also accelerates economic activity. In such a situation people are turning to more risky investment options. This includes options such as equity and cryptocurrency. Where the Government of India is taking strict action on cryptocurrency. At the same time, the equity market has now begun to boom. At the same time, the fall in gold prices is temporary and short-lived. As such, investors can reap strong returns in the long run by investing in gold at current prices. According to experts, gold could soon touch the level of 1960 1960 per ounce.

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