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Saturday, 20 March 2021

Learn English Grammar in the Gujarati Language

   English  Grammer Video in Gujarati ~ Learn English Grammar in the Gujarati Language 

English Grammar recordings in the Gujarati language, Learn English Grammar with Gujarati Language, Edusafar English punctuation, English sentence structure Gujarati mama, Haresh Jethva English syntax, English sentence structure in Gujarati, Basic English language book, English punctuation pdf, edusafar English language structure. 

English  Grammer Video in Gujarati
 English  Grammer Video in Gujarati 

Edusafar English language structure Videos in Gujarati: 

Hi companions... In this article, we give Edusafar English Grammar Videos it is Helpful for learning English dialects. Uncommonly incredibly Helpful for those getting ready TET/TAT/HTAT, Talati, Bin Sachivalay, jr. assistant, GPSC Exams, and different serious exams... We give Youtube Video Lectures connect. You click on this connection and early View recordings... 

English Grammar In Gujarati: 

English Grammar Video instructional exercise for All themes like Articles, relational word, action words, verb modifiers, Tenses, Part of discourse, degrees, Active inactive voice, direct roundabout discourse, and any remaining points Video accessible in this article. You are easily learning English Grammar from these recordings. 

English Grammar Video by Edusafar 

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English Grammar All recordings Edusafar: 

English Grammar: Article

English Grammar: Parts of Speech

English Grammar: Verb forms

English Grammar: Tenses

  • Continuous Perfect Present Tense part-1 : Click Here
  • Continuous Perfect Present Tense part-1 : Click Here

English Grammar: Auxiliaries Verbs

Introductory There : Click Here
Introductory It : Click Here

English Grammar: Wh- Questions

English Grammar: Question Tag

English Grammar: Special Uses Of 3 Verbs

English Grammar: Degrees of Comparison

English Grammar: Active and Passive Voice

English Grammar: Direct and Indirect Speech

English Grammar: Prepositions

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