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Sunday, 12 December 2021

One mistake and 650 crores of Cryptocurrency reached people's accounts, know what happened then

 One mistake and 650 crores of Cryptocurrency reached people's accounts, know what happened then?

 A company selling cryptocurrencies was surprised when its users' accounts of about 650 crores of cryptocurrency automatically reached.  During investigation it was found that due to some mistake this happened.  Now the company is appealing to all users to return crypto.

London: A company selling cryptocurrency made such a mistake that now its CEO has to appeal to the people.  In fact, the company mistakenly sent about $90 million worth of cryptocurrency to the accounts of several users and now people are being requested to return it.  Let us tell you that the use of cryptocurrencies is increasing rapidly.  Especially in the Corona era, people have invested a lot of money in it as a new investment option.

 Because of this Mistake happened

 According to the report of 'CBS News', famous cryptocurrency platform Compound recently reported that a bug caused users to mistakenly send cryptocurrency worth about $ 90 million (about Rs 650 crore).  The CEO of the company has requested the users to take it back.  All this happened when this cryptocurrency reached the users' account without investing.

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 The company's CEO tweeted

 The company's CO, Robert Leshner, said in his tweet that if you received a large, incorrect amount from a compound protocol error, please return it to the compound timelock.  Along with this, he has also warned people to report to the Revenue Service.  It is being told that due to a technical fault between updates to the decentralized finance platform 'Compound', many of its users were mistakenly sent the cryptocurrency.

 Growing trend in India too

 The trend of cryptocurrencies has grown very rapidly in the past few years.  In India too, the number of people investing in them is increasing.  About three years ago, the Reserve Bank had banned all cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, but last year the Supreme Court ordered the removal of this ban, after which investment in it increased.  It is being told that in view of the huge investment in cryptocurrencies, now preparations are being made to tax it in several stages.  Explain that cryptocurrency is a digital currency from which only online transactions can be done.

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