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Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Latest Update Of Corona's African variant

  Corona's African variant: Why is Omicron considered dangerous? Will those who have been vaccinated be attacked or not?

The new variant of Corona seen in South Africa has caused a stir in the world. That being said, this new variant is even more dangerous than the Delta. In view of its danger, many countries have banned tourists from South Africa. The WHO has classified this variant as 'Variants of Concern'. However, some concrete information about the new variant has not been revealed yet. Scientists are doing research on it.


 આજે તારીખ 15/12/2021 ના દિવસે આવેલ કોરોના કેસ અપડેટ

Corona's African variant full information

Let's try to understand in these 10 points what is the new variant and why it is feared by people all over the world ...

1. A new variant of Covid 19 has been found in South Africa. The man who faced the case had gone to Hong Kong from South Africa. The announcement was made by South Africa's health minister on November 25. The next day, Belgian health officials reported the first case of a new variant found in Europe. On the same day, Joe declared her a 'variant of concern' and named her Omicron.

Corona's African variant full information

2. According to South African scientists, the new variant has 30 mutations, which is much higher and is found in spike proteins. Corona drugs and vaccines target only spike proteins. That is, due to this new variant, the number of antibodies may be reduced and the effect of the vaccine may be reduced. This is a matter of concern.

Corona's African variant full information

3. The current form of the protein has changed due to this variant. Because of this scientists are concerned and are trying to find out if existing vaccines can still protect against the disease. Researchers are now trying to figure out how the new variant spreads.

Corona's African variant full information

4. So far scientists say the current vaccine is protecting against serious illness. Hospitalization or death due to covid can be controlled to a large extent where more vaccinations have been given, but large numbers of people around the world are still unable to get the vaccine. So it is feared that the new variant may take advantage of this. It will have a chance to spread quickly.

Corona's African variant full information

5. The first priority of researchers is to gather information about the molecular features of this virus. So that this variant can be tested. Also, it can be found out whether the antibodies of those who have been vaccinated or those who have recovered from Covid 19 inactivate this variant.

6. Vaccine makers are now preparing a vaccine for the new variant. Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna work on mRNA technology. Scientists say a new vaccine could be made in about 6 months. Testing may also be done in a few months.

7. Unless researchers can gather more information about this new variant, health officials and politicians will not want to take any risks, as the holiday season is in full swing around the world.

8. The UK immediately suspended flights to 6 African countries - South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Swatini, and Zimbabwe. Those entering the UK from these countries have been asked to stay in quarantine for 10 days.

કોરોના  નવા વેરીયન્ટ ઓમીક્રોન વિશે ડીટેઇલ માં અહિંથી વાંચો

9. US President Joe Biden has banned travel to the United States and South African countries as part of a precautionary measure.

10. Health officials in Belgium say flights to South African countries should be banned as part of a precautionary measure until clear information about the new variant is received.

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