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Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Details about Unakoti in Gujarati

Details about  Unakoti in Gujarati

There are numerous in India that nobody has had the option to address till date. One such spot is around 145 km from Agartala, the capital of Tripura, known as Unakoti. It is expressed that there is an aggregate of 99 lakh 99 thousand 999 stone symbols, up until this point nobody has had the option to settle its secrets. For instance, who made these sculptures, when and for what reason did they make them and above all, why short of what one crore sculptures? Notwithstanding, there are numerous accounts behind it.

It is a result of these strange sculptures that the spot gets its name Unakoti, and that implies short of what one crore. This spot is viewed as the greatest mystery of India. No data about this spot was accessible for a long time. Nonetheless, not very many individuals actually have some familiarity with this spot.

Unakoti is known as a puzzling spot since it is a hilly area encircled by far off Gaense woods. Presently, how did a large number of sculptures come to be in the timberland, as these works require numerous years and before that nobody lived around this area. This has for some time been the subject of discussion and revelation.

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ઉનાકોટી ડીટેઈલ ન્યુઝ અને વિડીયો અહિથી જુઓ

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