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Tuesday, 27 September 2022

child has a habit of eating while looking at the mobile phone, then be careful.

 If your child has a habit of eating while looking at the mobile phone, then be careful.

Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to talk about what happens to a child with the habit of looking at mobile and how to get rid of this habit. In today’s busy age parents don’t have enough time to pamper and feed the child. Mobile has taken the place of love and pampering of parents. Today’s parents give a mobile to their child for their own peace so that the child can sit quietly looking at the mobile without doing any mischief or mischief which can prove to be very dangerous at times.

child has a habit of eating while looking at the mobile phone, then be careful.

Know how dangerous mobile phone addiction is for children? : When a child eats while looking at the mobile phone, he does not recognize the food and may eat less or more food than required. Often the child does not even eat without getting a mobile phone and becomes irritable.

The habit of eating while looking at the mobile affects the child’s ability to speak. As a child eats with a mute mouth, his ability to speak is affected. When a child spends the whole day looking at the mobile phone, his curiosity decreases because he cannot get answers to the questions that arise in his mind.

When a child continuously looks at a mobile phone for a long time, water comes out of his eyes and the problem of dryness remains along with weakening of vision. As the child is busy with the mobile, the memory starts to weaken and becomes irritable with less attention in the game. When he gets into the habit of watching too much mobile, he can’t control it and sleep less.

શું તમારા બાળકને મોબાઈલ જોતા જોતા જમવાની આદત છે, તો થઇ જાવ સાવધાન

ગુજરાતી માહિતી વાંચવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

Parents are responsible for this mobile habit in children: Nowadays both parents are working and cannot pay attention to the child. While in earlier times grandparents used to narrate stories to children, pamper them and give love to the child, but now mobile has taken the place of all this. Children have become so busy in mobile that they are not even aware of what is being served to them.

In today’s problem parents have become so busy that it is not their responsibility to feed the child but they are considering it as their duty. When the child does not eat, the parents silence the child by giving him a mobile instead of saying anything else. So the child gets used to the mobile with time and does not do any activity without the mobile. Which has a very serious effect on the child.

How to keep your kids away from mobiles: As a parent, no matter how busy you are, never rely on your mobile to feed your child and feed your child with your own hands. If the child does not eat, tell him a story and feed him so that his curiosity remains and the child will eat with love.

Always spend some time with the child during the day, talk to him, make him happy, play with him as a child, have fun which will reduce his attachment to mobile. And yes, parents should also reduce the use of mobile as much as possible in front of the child so that he does not become stubborn about the mobile. It will be more beneficial to take the help of books instead of gadgets to teach the child new things.

Thus, you can break your child’s mobile habit while eating. You can also reduce the child’s excessive use of mobile phones and focus on other activities. Hope this information proves useful for you and your child stays away from excessive use of mobile. Please share this useful information.

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