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Tuesday 24 January 2023

પેટ ફૂલવાના આ છે 10 કારણો, તમને કયુ કારણ લાગુ પડે છે તે જાણી લો Here are 10 causes of bloating, find out which one applies to you

 What we have to talk about today is the main causes of flatulence. Flatulence is caused by many different reasons. So let us know today what is the main reason behind it? You have seen that there is no man now who has not at some time experienced bloating due to indigestion.

Many people feel bloated even if they do not eat anything on an empty stomach and many people feel bloated after eating. First of all, Ayurveda says that before catching any disease, we should catch the root of that disease.

પેટ ફૂલવાના આ છે 10 કારણો, તમને કયુ કારણ લાગુ પડે છે તે જાણી લો

If we talk about the causes of flatulence, first comes simple carbohydrates and second comes complex carbohydrates eg sugar and flour are simple carbohydrates. It is guaranteed that if you take this in excess, your stomach will become bloated. Now let's talk about complex carbohydrates, along with carbohydrates, all other elements are included in it.

For example, wheat crackers, wheat bread, rice, millet, corn are all complex carbohydrates. As far as possible, simple carbohydrates should not be taken but complex carbohydrates should be taken.

Food with excess fat is called fatty food. They don't like hot bhajiya and other breakfast every morning unless they have something fried, so it harms the body.

People who are in the habit of eating such extraneous food should give up this habit completely and should not eat too much oily and extraneous food.

Too much ghee, oil, milk and too much butter and too much cheese, when consumed, puts a strain on our liver and gall bladder when they cannot produce enough bile, as a result of which the food eaten is not properly digested and the stomach is swelling.

Even when there is any kind of infection in the body, the chances of bloating are high. Gassy Food Ayurveda has created a fun group that has high gas content. Beans, lentils, peas, cauliflower, and cauliflower all contain an element called raffinose that causes your stomach to bloat. So such gaseous food should not be consumed in excess. If you take too much, your stomach will get bloated and bloated, it is guaranteed.

Dairy Product: Dairy products contain an element called lactose. This element is one of the biggest causes of flatulence. If you feel bloated after consuming any dairy product, it is very beneficial to stop consuming these dairy products altogether. Because this dairy product contains an element called lactose and it is not properly digested and the intestines are filled with air and the stomach is bloated.

If you have frequent bloating problem, then mark once that you don't have Coldricks. Cold drinks contain acid as well as a gas called carbon dioxide.

A gas called carbon dioxide enters the intestines and works to distend the intestines. As intestines swell, our stomach will also swell. That's why you should stop taking plain soda, lemon soda and all other cold drinks, they harm the body in the long run.

Ayurveda always calls Coldricks as a toilet cleaner, so we should not consume it because it causes harm to the body.

If you are constantly constipated, your stomach is not cleaned properly, as a result, the food you eat will not pass through the intestines properly and it will rot in the intestines and gas will be produced from that rot and that gas will cause your stomach to be bloated, so if you are constipated. So take a laxative that will relieve your constipation.

Pay attention to yoga and exercise and take more fiber foods and try to remove constipation then constipation will be removed and automatically your problem of flatulence will also be removed.

Falling asleep immediately after eating You must have noticed that there are many people who have a habit of falling asleep immediately after eating. Also, many people have the habit of going to sleep immediately after having lunch. Beds appeared immediately after eating those people.

Ayurveda says that one should walk at least 100 steps after eating. Also yoga says that one should sit in Vajrasana for half an hour after eating.

If you have a habit of going to sleep immediately after eating, then you are at risk of many diseases and it is a guarantee that your stomach will be bloated.

If you go to sleep immediately after eating, all your body systems will be in sleeping mode and the stomach will not be able to absorb the food by itself, the intestines will not be able to pass the food forward, the gall bladder and liver will not be functioning properly, etc. So you must be very careful in eating and drinking and if possible you should not lie down immediately on the ground.

If the food you eat is not properly digested, it will putrefy and produce a gas called methane, which causes heavy stomach and bloating.

Even if there is a habit of overeating, there are chances of bloating. Any of you

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