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Wednesday 22 February 2023

Gujarati Bal Varta 2023

 Gujarati Bal Varta 2023

Gujarati Bal Varta : It's said that Accounts while being told in language of primary language, it's memorable's smarter and made sense of. Being Gujarati I generally wish to recount stories to my youngsters in Gujarati language and they truly getting a charge out of Gujarati stories substantially more than english or hindi stories. Beginning from Baal vartao, akbar birbal stories, fantasies, shailesh sagpariya stories or vartao and so forth you can peruse online on your android portable or tablets.

Bal Varta Gujarati

Gujarati Pride is the Gathering of Gujarati Amusement Content Applications.

Gujarati Bal Varta recorded as Gujarati Children Stories is one more work to energize gujarati perusing

Extraordinary thing is we have gone along the best Gujarati Stories for your children.

Gujarati Bal Varta 2023

You read and let them read on Cell phones.

Bal varta is a Gujarati Bal varta application.

This application gives Gujarati Stories to youngsters'.

These will be reviewed our cherished, lifelong memory.

As we probably are aware "Books are dearest companions", by perusing these accounts children can work on their insight as well as foster their rationale additionally, Likewise we are ceaselessly adding new stories to this application. So save prepared your portable for new stories totally liberated from cost.

A few Stories will same there is the vast majority of youngster tune in from his/her Great Guardians. With these Accounts are given,

1. Kabar Ane Kagdo

2. Sassa Rana Sakariya

3. Undar Ane Sinh

4. Jya Samp Tya Jamp

5. Kagdo Ane Shiyal

6. Sherdi no Svad

7. Mulla Nasaruddin,

8. Miya Phuski,

9. Chhako Mako,

10. Akbar Birbal,etc.....

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