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Tuesday, 1 September 2020

History of 9 August

 History of   9 August 

In This Post, We Are Provide Information About the History of 9 August day.
 World Tribal Day

 World Tribal Day has been celebrated by the United Nations since the year 19 to promote and protect the rights of the indigenous people.

History of   9 August

Singapore became independent

 From the Sanskrit word Sinhapur (Sinhanagar), the country today known as Singapore joined Malaysia after secession from the British Empire.  In the year 19, Singapore became a separate nation from today.

Independence of Singapore
 On August 9, 1965, Singapore became the only country in the world to be liberated against its will.  Singapore was the 14th state of Malaysia to be liberated by the British but was liberated by racial segregation.

  Atomic bomb dropped in Nagasaki

 On this day in the year 19, the United States dropped an atomic bomb known as 'Fat Man' on Nagasaki to bring Japan to surrender in World War II.  The bombing killed at least 50,000 people.
 The 4670 kg Fatman bomb detonated a devastating 21 kg.

 Kakori train robbery 

 Revolutionaries including Ram Prasad Bismil, Ashfaq Ullah Khan, and Chandrasekhar Azad looted a British treasury train near Kakori, UP on August 9, 1925.  This event is of special significance in the history of the revolutionaries who fell on the ground for freedom.

 1173: - Construction of Pizza Tower begins in Italy.
 1851: - The first steam-powered train in America begins.
 1925: - Members of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association looted the government treasury of Kankori train.
 1942 - During the Quit India Movement, Mahatma Gandhi is arrested in Mumbai by British forces

 International Day of Indigenous Peoples of the World
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Most Useful Current Affairs Of date 09/08/20

 Addo.  Shiyali Ramamrut Ranganathan

 Dr. who created the ‘column method’ of book classification and later invented the leading method of detailed classification by researching.  Shiyali Ramamrut Ranganathan was born on  He was born on 9/8/1892 in Shiali village of Tanjore district of Tamil Nadu.  The father died when he was only six years old.  He did his M.A. in Mathematics in 1916.  And E.S.  Obtained LT degree in Education in 1917.  English, Mathematics, and Sanskrit were his favorite subjects.  Is.  In 1917 he became a professor of mathematics in the college.

  Is.  Became a librarian at Madras University in 1924.  He then went to England and trained for a year at the School of Librarianship in London.  Returning to Madras, he classified the books according to his own 'colon method'.  Is.  In 192 the Government of India appointed him as the National Professor of Library Science.  In India, he is considered as the creator of the library age and the father of library activities. 

 He replaced Library Anship with Library Science.  For his questionable work as the inventor-organizer of the leading method of book classification.  He has been awarded the Doctor of Literature degree by Delhi University in 1948.  Is.  In 1956, the Government of India conferred the title of Padma Shri.  Is.  In the 19th year, he was awarded a D.A. by the University of Petersburg, USA.  Applauded his work by giving the title of Lit.  Appointed as an expert on the UNESCO Library Committee.  

He also served as chairman of the University Grants Commission's Library Science Curriculum Committee.  Is.  In 1962, he managed a library in Bangalore called the Documentation Research and Training Center.  He died on 9 September 1972.  He was an internationally renowned figure in the field of library science.

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