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Monday 31 August 2020

Std 1 to 2 Home Learning Time table DD Girnar September 2020

Std 1 to 2 Home Learning Time table DD Girnar September  2020

This post we provide Information about HOME LEARNING TIME TABLE DD GIRNAR September 2020. HOME LEARNING TIME TABLE OF DD GIRNAR September month FOR ALL GUJARAT STUDENT. DD Girnar Timetable of home learning std 1 to 2. DD Girnar std 1 to 12 September Time Table. The time table for September month. std 1 to 2 DD Girnar time table September month. DD Girnar Prasaran time table of September month. std 1 to 2 DD Girnar Prasaran time table.Std 9 to 12 Home Learning New Time Table.std 1 home learning video dd Girnar time table September 2020.std 2 home learning video dd Girnar time table September 2020.

Std 1 to 2 Home Learning Time table DD Girnar September  2020
Std 1 to 2 Home Learning Time table DD Girnar September  2020

According to the above subject and reference, the instruction was given by the education department to conduct home learning until the students are not called in the schools.

 DD Girnar through Doordarshan Kendra, Ahmedabad  Programs are being broadcast on the channel.  Students are benefiting from these programs with the cooperation of all of you, wide publicity under good leadership.  Based on the feedback of you, teacher friends as well as parents, instructions have been received for broadcasting programs for Std. 1 and 2 students through Doordarshan. 

 Based on these suggestions, DD Girnar channel through DD Girnar channel for Std-1 and Std-1 for Std-1 and Std.  The program will be broadcast during 9:30 hours (except Wednesdays and Thursdays).  It is desirable that the students of Std. 1 and 8 watches this program in the presence of their parents or elder siblings. 

 If the students of Std. 1 and 2 are young, it is very important that the instruction/information given by the teacher through the TV should be in front of them by the parents or their elder siblings and the students of Std.  

According to the above subject and context, it is not possible to call the students to the schools for academic work in the academic year 2020-2021, which started from June 8, due to the current Koro epidemic.  

So that the educational programs prepared for the students of Std. 9 to 12 from the state level for the educational work of the students are provided by Byseg through 'Vande Gujarat' channel no.  - Broadcasting 24 hours from 1 to 12.  Doordarshan's d.T.H.  Serviced. 

  Vande Gujarat channel is available on free dishes.  Apart from this, from 19.09.2030 through TV i.e. Doordarshan Kendra D.D.  Educational programs have started broadcasting from the Girnar channel. 

 In this regard, the principals and teachers of all the secondary and higher secondary schools have informed the parents as well as the students about this "Home Learning" program through the reference-3 letter here.  Due to the Corona epidemic, the program "Home Learning for Students from Std. 9th to 12th" has started airing on the DD Girnar channel from 15.06.2020. 

 A timetable is included, in which the students of that standard, according to the date and time are given, are asked to make necessary arrangements for the success of the program by immediately informing the principals and teachers from your level so that they can see the program and progress in their academic work.

In particular, when students watch the program, they are also asked to take necessary educational materials like textbooks, pens, pencils, notebooks as per the schedule and to make necessary notes in them.  Keep in touch with the school principals and teachers for this "home learning" and ask them to make appropriate arrangements from your level for guidance and monitoring so that every child can watch and study this broadcast.

  All secondary and higher secondary schools under your jurisdiction are requested to inform them so that necessary action can be taken in this regard.


Today date of 26-6-20 and today released the new time table of dd Girnar Prasaran. DD Girnar Home Learning New time table. Home Learning time table in August 2020.DD Girnar Prasaran std 3 to 12 August month new time table.

 Time TABLE  STD 1 TO 12 OF DD Girnar Prasaran September 2020
04:30 To 5:00 Std 1 
5:00 To  5:30  Std 2
09.00 to 09.30:  STD 3 

09.30 to 10.00 ; STD 4 
10.00 to 10.30  STD 5 
10.30 to 11.00 STD  6 
11.30 to 12.00  STD 7
02.30 to 03.00 STD  8
12.00 to 01.00  STD  9/10 


 (1) GTPL- 275 
(2) Airtel - 589
 (3) TATA SKY - 1749 
 (4) VIDEOCON - 878
 (5) DISHTV - 1279 
 (6) SUN - 660 1:19 

Important Link For New Time Table September 2020

 Home Learning Time table and New Paripatra std 9 to 12: Click here

 Home Learning Time table and New Paripatra Std 1 to 2: Click Here

1 to 2 Standard  September Time Table: Click Here

3 to 5 Standard September time table download: Coming Soon

6 to 8 Standard 
September Time table download: Coming Soon

9 to 12 Std Time Table of DD Girnar September  Month: Click Here To Download

Click here to New Paripatra About Time table of September  2020

Std 1 to 2 home learning time table

Std 1 to 2 Home Learning Time table DD Girnar September  2020

Std 1 to 2 Home Learning Time table DD Girnar September  2020
Std 1 to 2 Home Learning Time table DD Girnar September  2020

Standard 9 to 12 HOME LEARNING TIME TABLE DD GIRNAR September 2020

important link

3 to 5 STD August 2020 time Table 

6 to 8 STD August 2020 time Table

9 to 12 STD August 2020 time Table


Std 9 to 12 Home Learning Time table DD Girnar September  2020
Home Learning Time table DD Girnar September  2020


std 3 to 12 Home Learning video Of DD Girnar

You can Simply Click your standard and watching videos on your mobile. you can check the below link for watching videos.

Education WhatsApp group Links 2020

 The home learning program will start from 15-6-2020.

std 3 to 5 August Month time table

 Virtual classrooms are planned.  To ensure that children are not deprived of education, the teacher has to call his students every day and do homework with the book and learn from home learning and seek the help of local teachers to be monitored by CRC BRC.

 Students need to learn something new in their studies. Attended 1,13,000 online courses by teachers.

 The main goal is for the student to learn useful things in life and get away from the curb.

Download std 1 to 12 textbook PDF file
 Arrangements have been made for textbook distribution for online learning.  There will be a broadcast on television for which a nice video has been made and a timesheet has been made which has been circulated.  Virtual classrooms will provide education to 22 lakh students at home from Microsoft, according to NCERT.  The QR code is given in the textbook.  How children get an education is very important.

 It is very important to do a careful assessment. To put the efforts of teachers in the workplace.  Certificates for congratulations to teachers who have done well in this regard, taking into account online operations, QR codes, teaching children differently, parental contact awareness.

 Calls will start coming from CCC, in which feedback will have to be given.

new Time table of Home Learning September 2020


 The Mission School of Excellence project has received approval from the World Bank.  15000 schools are made world-class.

Students from private schools will be arranged to come to the government school.  Admission test of students who have passed Std. 5 in Model School will be done and all will be admitted in Model School and KGBV.
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Thursday 20 August 2020

std 3 to 12 Home Learning Video DD Girnar And Virtual Class

std 3 to 12 Home Learning Video DD Girnar And Virtual Class 

In this Post, We Are Provide Information About std 3 to 12 Home Learning Video DD Girnar And Virtual Class .std 3 to 12 Home learning video of DD Girnar Prasaran And Std 9 to 12 Virtual Class Video Link.

The entire education includes courses ranging from pre-primary education to standard 12. With the broad goal of improving school effectiveness, everyone gets an excellent education and equal opportunities for schooling and equal learning outcomes are taken into account. The entire education includes three pre-schemes of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA), and Shikshak Shikshan (TE).

std 3 to 12 Home Learning Video DD Girnar And Virtual Class
std 3 to 12 Home Learning Video DD Girnar And Virtual Class 

At the time of the COVID-19 epidemic, all schools were declared closed by the government. Under this HOME LEARNING program has been started by the government. In this program, SAMAGRA SHIKSHA, the Government of Gujarat has tried to engage the students through live broadcasts through virtual classes so that the students feel like they are studying in the classroom. In which very good cooperation has been received from the students.

Welcome to the virtual class of Std-9 to 12 under the Home Learning Program by the whole education. You can watch our live class live broadcast via the following media link. If you have any opinion, please let us know in the description box of the video. Please share this video with relevant student friends around you.

The video can be viewed by clicking on the link for the video in the given pdf to watch the video of "Home Learning". Click on the link in the book to download the chapter on that topic.

Home Learning dated 21.08.2020

Student friends, get today's online education by opening the link below your standard

Important Link Of Video

std 3 Home Learning Video Date 21/8/20

21-08-20 Std 3 YouTube Video Link Maths

21-08-20 standard 3 Diksha Portal link Maths

std 4 Home Learning Video Date 21/8/20

21-08-20 Std 4 YouTube Video Link Maths

21-08-20 standard 4 Diksha Portal link Maths

std 5  Home Learning Video Date 21/8/20
21-08-20 Std 5 YouTube Video Link Hindi

21-08-20 standard 5 Diksha Portal link Hindi

std 6 Home Learning Video Date 21/8/20
21-08-20 Std 6 YouTube Video Link Hindi and Science

21-08-20 standard 6 Diksha Portal link Hindi And Science

std 7 Home Learning Video Date 21/8/20

21-08-20 Std 7 YouTube Video Link Hindi and Science

21-08-20 standard 7 Diksha Portal link Hindi And Science

std 8 Home Learning Video Date 21/8/20
21-08-20 Std 8 YouTube Video Link Hindi and Science

21-08-20 standard 8 Diksha Portal link Hindi And Science

std 9Home Learning Video Date 21/8/20

21-08-20 Std 10 YouTube Video Link Science

21-08-20 standard 10 Diksha Portal link Science

std 12 Home Learning Video Date 21/8/20

std 9 to 12 Virtual class video date 21/8/20

std 9 Virtual class video:  Click here

Std 10 Virtual class video: click Here

Std 12 Science Virtual class video: Click here

std 12 Commerce Virtual Class Video: Click here

Std 9 And 10  { 10 am to 11;45 am}

std 12 Science and Commerce ( 12;15 am to 2;00 Pm)


Std 9 to 12 Today Live Video: Click Here
Std 9 to 12 All Date Virtual Class Video Link Check Below Your Standard And Watching Video

Live Video STD-9: All Video Link live Video STD-10: All Video Link

Live Video STD-12 SCIENCE STREAM: Click Here live Video STD-12 COMMERCE STREAM: Click Here

Welcome to the virtual class of Std-9 to 12 under the Home Learning Program by the whole education. You can watch our live class live broadcast via the following media link. If you have any opinion, please let us know in the description box of the video. Please share this video with relevant student friends around you.

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Wednesday 19 August 2020

Now a country one exam, the biggest decision taken for the youth looking for a job in the Modi cabinet

Now a country one exam, the biggest decision taken for the youth looking for a job in the Modi cabinet

Big decisions are being taken in the Modi cabinet today. A big announcement for farmers, an announcement to privatize the country's airports and now a big decision has been taken in the Modi cabinet for the students of the country.

Major decisions were taken in the Modi cabinet today

One country one exam announcement for students now

Announcement of National Recruitment Agency

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said in a cabinet briefing that the National Recruitment Agency has been announced in the Union Cabinet. This will make the recruitment process easier.

{Image Source}

Declaration of National Recruitment Agency

The central government has given very good news for the youth in search of jobs. In today's meeting, the Modi cabinet has approved a proposal to set up a national recruitment agency. Under this, tests will be conducted twice a year and one thousand examination centers will be set up. These centers will be set up at the district headquarters. Age will not be relaxed. The fee waiver will remain the same. The internal examinations will be held in 12 languages. The National Recruitment Agency will be headquartered in Delhi. Students will also save money from exams, they will not have to run around much.

Friends take special note

 Great news for a candidate preparing for competitive exams

 Gujarat Secretariat and Government Offices are getting vacant as retirement age of employees has started for last five years.

 The time has come to recruit state government employees

This recruitment is not retail but wholesale

 Now is the time for state government offices

A large number of 15000 to 17000 employees are retiring every year

More than 20,000 employees have retired from the government in 2019

 As many as 19,700 employees are retiring in 2020 and 17,500 in 2021

More than one lakh employees are retiring in the next five years which is a very big figure

 About 3,000 to 5,000 teachers are also retiring each year

Candidates preparing for competitive exams should be aware from now on

 At any time, the Gujarat government can announce large-scale recruitment

 Along with this I am giving some important information which will be useful to the students / candidates

1. There is a strong possibility that a large number of youth of the state will participate in the coming time due to recruitment of different departments, different classes

2. Preparation is not to give any exam without filling any exam form in appearance

3. All the recruitment process in Gujarat Government has been done online.

Offline is completely off

4. The recruitment process of Gujarat Government has become completely transparent, so do not get entangled in any agent or trade money.

5. One cannot pass the exam by reading any one book

 Nowadays various apps, websites also offer very good useful information

 According to the syllabus of that exam, seriously prepare in the right direction

6. It is necessary to study for 5 to 6 hours daily

Old paper should be sold

7. It is important to be ready with full preparation for any exam

8. Since the competition in this time of recruitment is very big only the students who will work hard will be successful

9. Candidates with the idea of ​​preparing after the announcement of the exam get nothing but failure.

10. Only a Gujarati candidate who is constantly, persistently, regularly preparing can succeed

11 There is no shortcut to success. The study material required for competitive exam preparation should be collected and prepared through various means.

 Click Here To Read In Gujarati

 I urge every candidate to start preparing for the competitive exam from today onwards.

 Feel in constant preparation

 The Government of Gujarat can conduct various examinations at any time at a convenient time, in a conducive environment

Fill in the form accurately in any exam where you have prepared and are qualified

Kindly request the promising gifted students / candidates of Gujarat to give competitive exams in any situation, under any circumstances.


 Achieving success comes a long way in life's journey.

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All Online Entry Link- Useful For All Primary School And Teachers

All Online Entry Link- Useful For All Primary School And Teachers

This Post we are providing Information About All Online Entry Link- Useful For All Primary School And Teachers.Std 1 to 2 unit test exam mark online entry link. std 3 to 12 Unit test mark entry Link.Teacher and student online Hajari Entry Link.Ekam Kashoti Online entry link. Online Pager Bill Entry link and Masik Petrak online entry link. MDM  Dialy online data entry link. Meena Ni Duniya Online data Entry Link. All Useful data entry Link Update Day Buy Day For Gujarat Primary Education.

All Online Entry Link- Useful For All Primary School And Teachers
All Online Entry Link- Useful For All Primary School And Teachers

We are In This Post Proving Digital Gujarat Scholarship online entry Link. Aadhaar Dise Update and New student entry link. Gunotsav portal link, Khelmahakumbh online entry link. inspire award Entry link. Student school transportation useful website.  Primary school monitoring app link. SSA  Gujarat site new link.Gyankunj Project Online portal link.CWSN SSA Portal link.

You can check daily this post for Above all type data entry link.

Home Learning video Whatsapp Group link
Gujarati Education Whatsapp group Click Here 

All Primary Teacher work and Data Entry  Online @DEC

All District DEC Login Link: Click Here

→Username - School  Dise code

→Password - School Dise code

→Log in as School

Online Teachers And Student Online Attendance  Useful Instructions

Online attendance of teachers can be filled only from 11:30 a.m. Monday to Friday.

Attendance at second shift schools can only be filled from Monday to Friday at 2:00 p.m.

Attendance of all school teachers on Saturdays must be filled until 12:30 p.m.

Instructions: -

1. Log in with USERNAME and PASSWORD of your child tracking system.
2. Providing online attendance at our school is mandatory.
3. If you have trouble attending online, e-mail your suggestions and complaints to
4. Complete school attendance as soon as school starts.

4. Your IP address and attendance time are also taken into account in the system which should be noted by the survey teacher friends.

Most useful All Link For daily use Of teachers of Gujarat

Std 3 to 12 All date Home learning Video: click here
















New Other Link For Useful  To Students and Teachers






Rte Admission Std 1 : Click Here

some useful  Education Application Link for Gujarat student and teacher 

  • Online Education Vrutul classroom Use App Microsoft team: click here

  •  Home Learning Video Watching App Diksha portal

  • workplace app by Facebook  use full to teacher

  • Arogyasetu app, for now, coronavirus safety 

  • Gujarati Type Karva Best app Indik

  •  Gujarati Lakhava mate Best app Struti Phont sathe

Above all App Download Below Link

 Mircosoft Teams App download: Click here

Diksha App Download : click Here 

Workplace by the Facebook app: click here 

Arogya Setu App Download: click here

Gujarati typing Best App Download: click here

Hello, friends Hope you're healthy friends nowadays very difficult. During this point, fun activities and residential learning materials like gare  Shikhiye and a daily quiz about dd garner videos and seen best quiz like 4 option child is extremely like are going to be provided on this blog. additionally to the govt information including new circulars issued by the government of Gujarat and Government of India, Government of India, and Gujarat.

 stay Tuned Daily our site help to Gujarati Education blog you'll find the foremost accurate information about new government plans on this blog, also as all of the education worlds you'll even be ready to get new news soon. today school opening after 15 august days so here u can all std activities and syllabus to all or any standard study for this blog provided all chapter wise lesson like HOME LEARNING all new videos and materials all time we provide this blog keep visit daily for brand spanking new updates

Friends are currently unable to go away from the house thanks to coronavirus. Prime Minister Modi Ji Lok has increased download time new videos and quizzes daily upload 11 pm for brand spanking new updates keep visit our this blog for brand spanking new updates

This Blogs additionally to the labels we send you, you'll easily look for information by the label. Friends, Here you'll find all episodes of Ramayana Mahabharata Srikrishna Kapil Sharma additionally to Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma, all other sorts of shows also will be here. stay Tuned Daily our site help to the Gujarati education blog.

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Stay tuned Daily our site help to Gujarati education if u any quarry about message and knowledge message us our Whatsapp number  we answered within 24 hours for best-trusted information our blog 
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What to do if you have symptoms of coronavirus and how to avoid it?

What to do if you have symptoms of coronavirus and how to avoid it?
In This Post, We are Provide Information about What to do if you have symptoms of coronavirus and how to avoid it?. What to do if you notice symptoms? How to defend yourself in coronavirus. How deadly is the coronavirus?.

The Coronavirus epidemic has swept across the world, including India. Millions of people worldwide have been infected.

We are telling you how to avoid this transition.

Coronavirus has a direct effect on the lungs. The two main symptoms are fever and persistent cough. Often the patient has difficulty breathing. Coronavirus can cause an abnormal cough. Such coughs occur three or more times in 24 hours if coughing up sputum is a serious symptom. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water to prevent Kovid-19 infection.

The patient's temperature in this virus can rise up to 37.8 degrees. This causes the patient's body to feel hot and cold. He also feels shaking. Coronavirus can also cause sore throats, headaches, and diarrhea. According to some recent studies, the patient does not experience smell and taste.

What to do if you have symptoms of coronavirus and how to avoid it?
What to do if you have symptoms of coronavirus and how to avoid it?

Coronavirus affects the lungs. It starts with fever and dry cough which also causes shortness of breath. Scientists say it takes an average of five days for symptoms of a viral infection to begin to appear. However, scientists also say that in some people these symptoms may appear later.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it can take up to 14 days for the virus to enter the body and show symptoms. However, according to some experts, it can take up to 24 days. People who have symptoms of the infection are more likely to spread the infection through their bodies. However, experts also say that the disease can spread even before a person becomes ill.

The early symptoms of the coronavirus can be easily confused with colds and flu, such as seasonal fevers and colds.

What to do if you notice symptoms?

A person should stay in self-isolation for at least seven days if mild symptoms of coronavirus appear.

To get more information in this situation contact 104 service, in addition to the helpline number 079-23250818, 079-23251900 announced by the Department of Health and Family Welfare of the Gujarat State Government.

Apart from this, a WhatsApp chatbot has also been launched by the Gujarat government. For which you can also message on 07433000104 through WhatsApp.

If you have mild symptoms of coronavirus, it is best to call the helpline number before rushing to the hospital.

How to defend yourself?

  • Frequent hand washing is the best remedy.
  • Hands should be washed regularly and regularly with soap and water.
  • Coronavirus infection is spread when a person infected with the virus coughs and floats small drops of the virus in the air.
  • If these drops enter the breath of a person around or touch the area where the small drops fell, or come in contact with your eyes, nose, or mouth, you can become infected.
  • Hold a tissue paper or handkerchief horizontally when coughing or sneezing.
  • Do not touch the face with dirty hands. Staying away from an infected person can limit the transmission of the coronavirus.
  • Medical experts say that face-masks do not provide effective protection.

Need to be hospitalized

Most of the patients whose coronavirus has entered the body can rest and recover with the help of drugs like paracetamol. If the patient has difficulty breathing, he or she needs to be hospitalized. After examining the lungs, the doctor can determine the extent of the virus in the body and whether the patient needs oxygen and a ventilator. An intensive care unit is a special ward of a hospital in which patients who are in critical condition are kept.

Patients with coronavirus have a serious condition and need oxygen to be given oxygen through a tube in the nose or a mask over the mouth. The throat is often cut and oxygen is delivered directly to the lungs. A ventilator is used to provide a direct supply of oxygen to the patient's lungs.

How deadly is the coronavirus?

Coronavirus infection statistics seem to be much lower compared to the number of deaths. However, the average mortality rate cannot be taken lightly given the way the number of infected and dying people in the world and in the country is increasing day by day. Many countries have a partial or complete lockdown and many are being treated. The death toll is steadily rising.

A study by the World Health Organization based on data on 56,000 infected people states that - 6% were seriously ill with the virus, including lung failure, septic shock, organ failure, and death. Symptoms of infection were seen in 14 percent of people. Problems such as shortness of breath and rapid breathing.

Eighty percent of people showed mild symptoms of the infection, such as fever and cough. Pneumonia was also found in some people.
The elderly and those already suffering from asthma, diabetes, and heart disease may become more seriously ill with the coronavirus.

Treatment of coronavirus depends on helping the patient breathe and boosting his or her immune system to enable the body to fight the virus. If it turns out that you came in contact with an infected person, it may be advisable not to see others for a few days.

According to Public Health England, people who suspect they may be infected should avoid visiting a medical store, doctor, or hospital and seek guidance over the phone or online. Those who have recently returned home from a visit abroad are advised to stay in quarantine for a few days.

A 21-day lockdown has been started from March 25 to prevent community outbreak of Coronavirus in India. It has since been extended to the third of May. Many countries have also taken decisions such as partial lockdowns or school-college closures and religious and social gatherings to prevent the 'community spread' of the virus.

The World Health Organization has given advice on ways to care for people in the outbreak of the coronavirus. The person should contact the local health officer if symptoms of infection appear.
 Click here to read Official Press note of Gujarat Corona Latest Update

helpline number for the Coronavirus epidemic in Gujarat

The helpline number for the Coronavirus epidemic in Gujarat is 104 and the central government's helpline number is + 91-11-23978046 and the toll-free number is 1075.

Apart from this, different states in India have also started their own helplines.
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