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Sunday 31 January 2021

Voice transformer with impacts

 Voice transformer with impacts 

Change your voice and have some good times tuning in to your altered voice! 

Record your voice, apply impacts, and offer them with your companions. 

Voice Changer With Effects
Voice Changer With Effects 

Incorporates MORE THAN 40 EFFECTS: 

Helium, robot, goliath, in reverse, beast, extraterrestrial, zombie, outsider, squirrel, smashed... what's more, some more! 


✓ Share (WhatsApp, email, etc...) 

✓ Save recording 

✓ Piano 

✓ Create a picture with sound. You can share it on Facebook 

✓ Import pre-recorded sound 

✓ Create voice from text 

✓ Set as ringtone 

✓ Set as notice sound 

Important Link 

Click Here To Download This App


Outside capacity access consent is just utilized for saving your accounts, and read your pictures permitting you to make recordings. On the off chance that you need more data if you don't mind contact to Protection strategy:

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Photomath App Download For maths Question Solution

  Photomath App Download For maths Question Solution 

Learn math, check schoolwork, and study for impending tests and ACTs/SATs with the most utilized number related learning application on the planet! Got precarious schoolwork or class tasks? Get unstuck ASAP with our bit by bit clarifications and activities. 

Photomath App Download For maths Question Solution

 Photomath App Download For maths Question Solution

Photomath is free and works without wi-fi or information. Regardless of whether you're on the transport, in a cavern, or just disconnected, center Photomath is consistently accessible. 

We have you covered from fundamental number-crunching to cutting edge math and calculation. You CAN do the math! 

Photomath App Download For maths Question Solution
Photomath App Download For maths Question Solution 


• Word issue clarifications! 

• No web or information needed for condition-based issues 

• Free to utilize 

• Step-by-step clarifications for each arrangement 

• Exclusive how-to movements 

• Scroll through different tackling techniques per issue 

• Multi-useful logical mini-computer 

• Interactive diagrams 


• Basic Math/Pre-Algebra: number-crunching, numbers, divisions, decimal numbers, powers, roots, factors da 

• Algebra: straight conditions/disparities, quadratic conditions, frameworks of conditions, logarithms, capacities, networks, charting, polynomials 

• Geometry (explicit course books as it were) 

• Trigonometry/Precalculus: personalities, conic segments, vectors, successions and arrangement, logarithmic capacities 

• Calculus: limits, subordinates, integrals, bend portraying 

• Statistics: mixes, factorials 

"An answer isn't everything you'll get from this free application. Photomath additionally gives a bit by bit guide of how every issue is illuminated." — Huffington Post 

"The bit by bit direct is valuable to understudies that don't approach a mentor and battle with taking care of numerical questions." — Forbes 

"A viral video about another application seems as though a blessing from heaven for any individual who battles with math." — Time 

Need to support your learning experience? With Photomath Plus, you get: 


Excellent educator endorsed clarifications for each issue in select course readings, including word and math issues! Learn or rehash math ideas at your own movement. 


Point by point movements that assist you with envisioning and see every number related advance. 


Level up your learning by seeing "how" and "why" numerical statements are settled, or recollect overlooked terms and ideas with our inserted glossary. 

• Payment will be charged to your Google Play account at the affirmation of procurement. 

• A membership naturally recharges except if it's dropped at any rate 24 hours before the finish of the current charging period. 

Photomath App Download For maths Question Solution 

• Your record will be charged for restoration within 24 hours before the finish of the current time frame. 

• Manage or drop your membership in your record settings on Google Play after buy. 

• Offers and values subject to change without notice.

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Saturday 30 January 2021

Amazing Picture: Zoom It All clear Picture

 Amazing Picture: Zoom It All clear Picture

Features: Photo Recovery is an apparatus to erase lost photographs from your Android drives and recuperate overs. 

No compelling reason to pull your gadget for photograph recuperation, the application is viable with any Android gadget that utilizes Android 5.0 or higher. 

- Easy to utilize 

- Delete or recover pictures 

- Saving and reestablishing photographs 

- The best programming for recovering pictures and records. 

- Super photograph recovery! 

- No PC required! 

- You can reestablish or recuperate photographs from a cell phone or memory card. 

Amazing Picture: Zoom It All clear Picture

Amazing Picture: Zoom It All clear Picture

You have unintentionally erased significant photographs, however, it is extremely unlikely to recuperate them. Try not to stress, Photo Recovery is a disk digger that gives you free filtering ability, you can see photographs and reestablish them for nothing. 

Elite and specific information recuperation application that finishes information recuperation assignments that other applications can't consider - this information recuperation application rapidly finds and recuperates erased documents that other recuperation applications haven't found and You don't have to root your immature microorganism. Telephone. 

Here are some critical highlights of Photo Recovery (DiskDigger): 

1. Simple, protected, and quick recuperation measure. 

The application furnishes clients with a refined, present-day interface that is not difficult to connect with. 

With only a couple clicks, you can play out the reclamation cycle yourself. 100% recuperation measure is protected. Try not to be modest! Pick the quickest method to recuperate photographs from your SD card and cell phone. 

2. Quick 

Its ground-breaking examining motor sweeps proficiently and sneak peaks your erased or erased pictures rapidly. DiskDigger's ground-breaking information recuperation highlight can distinguish your lost pictures and permit you to reestablish them. 

3. Ensured 

Recuperate your lost or erased photographs securely and without rolling out any improvements to your information. 

4. Simple 

It's as simple as getting a charge out of music or eating a banana, only a couple snaps and you'll get your information back. 

Use photograph recovery securely and without hazard. The application performs read-just activities on your gadget and memory card. It doesn't move, erase or change information on the gadget to stay away from additional harm or overwriting. It reestablishes photographs from the source and saves them to your assortment. 

Important Link 

Click On This Picture For Zoom

Application highlights: 

- Recover erased photographs 

- Scans recently erased or showed photographs on your gadget by DiskDigger. 

- Restore photographs to client chose organizers 

- Share photograph recuperation 

- See nitty-gritty photograph recovery data recovery data 

- Permanently erase photographs from the recuperation list. 

Download photograph recuperation free at this point. Photograph Recovery consequently outputs and shows all your erased picture information, permitting you to reestablish photographs and reestablish photographs quickly to your Android telephone. You can secure your own photographs! 

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Home Learning Time table February 2021

  Home Learning Time table February 2021

In This Post, We Are Provide Information About Std 1 to 12 Home Learning Time Table February 2021. std 1 to 12 Home Learning Video DD Girnar Time Table February 2021. std 9 to 12 Virtual Class Live Video Time Table February 2021.Home Learning Time Table DD Girnar February 2021. std 1 to 2 Home Learning Time Table February 2021. Standard 3 to 5 Home Learning Time Table February 2021.std 6 to 8 Home Learning Time Table February 2021.std 9 to 12 Home Learning Time Table February 2021.Standard 9 to 12 Virtual Class YouTube Time Table February 2021. Std 1 to 12 Home Learning Time Table DD Girnar And Diksha Portal.

Home Learning Time table February 2021
Home Learning Time table February 2021

Home Learning Time Table February 2021

 DD Girnar through Doordarshan Kendra Ahmedabad  Programs is being broadcast on the channel. 

Students are benefiting from these programs with the cooperation of all of you, wide publicity under good leadership. 

Standard 6 to 8 HOME LEARNING TIME TABLE DD GIRNAR February 2021

 Based on these suggestions, DD Girnar channel through DD Girnar channel for Std-1 and Std-1 for Std-1 and Std. 

It is desirable that the students of Std. 1 and 8 watches this program in the presence of their parents or elder siblings. 

According to the above subject and context, it is not possible to call the students.

std 9 to 12 January 2021 Month Time table of DD Girnar Prasaran

  Vande Gujarat channel is available on free dishes.  Apart from this from 1.09.2020 through TV . Doordarshan Kendra D.D.  Educational programs have started broadcasting from the Girnar channel. 

9th to 12th" has started airing on the DD Girnar channel from 15.06.2020. 


Today's date of 26-6-20 and today released the new timetable of dd Girnar Prasaran. DD Girnar Home Learning New time table. Home Learning time table in November 2020.DD Girnar Prasaran std 3 to 12 November month new time table.

 Time TABLE  STD 1 TO 12 OF DD Girnar Prasaran February 2021

 04:30 to 5:00 Std 1

5:00 To 5:30 Std 2

09.00 to 09.30:  STD 3 

09.30 to 10.00 ; STD 4 

10.00 to 10.30  STD 5 

10.30 to 11.00 STD  6 

11.30 to 12.00  STD 7

 02.30 to 03.00 STD  8

 12.00 to 01.00  STD  9/10 


 (1) GTPL- 275 

(2) Airtel - 589

 (3) TATA SKY - 1749 

(4) VIDEOCON - 878

 (5) DISHTV - 1279 

(6) SUN - 660 1:19 

Important Link For New Time Table

1 February 2021 To 15 February 2021 Home Learning Time Table

1.Std 1 to 2 February  Time table: Click Here

2. Std 3 to 5 February  Time table: Click Here

6 to 8 February  Time table: Click Here

4.Std 9 to 12  Time table: Click Here

1 to 12 Home Learning video Of DD Girnar

You can Simply Click your standard and watching videos on your mobile. you can check the below link for watching videos.

 The home learning program will start from 15-6-2020.


std 3 to 5 February Month time table

 The Virtual classrooms are planned.  To ensure that children are not deprived of education the teacher has to call his students every day and do homework with the book and learn from home learning and seek the help of local teachers to be monitored by CRC BRC.

 Students need to learn something new in their studies.

  Attended 1,13,000 online courses by teachers.

 The main goal is for the student to learn useful things in life and get away from the curb.

  P Bharti Madam spd SSA 

Download std 1 to 12 textbook PDF file

 Arrangements have been made for textbook distribution for online learning. 

There will be a broadcast on television for which a nice video has been made and a timesheet has been made which has been circulated.  Virtual classrooms will provide education to 22 lakh students at home from Microsoft, according to NCERT.  The QR code is given in the textbook.  How children get an education is very important.


 It is very important to do a careful assessment. To put the efforts of teachers in the workplace.  Certificates for congratulations to teachers who have done well in this regard, taking into account online operations, QR codes, teaching children differently, parental contact awareness.

 Calls will start coming from CCC, in which feedback will have to be given.

new Samaypatra of Home Learning February 2021

 The unit test will start in July. 

 The Mission School of Excellence project has received approval from the World Bank. 

Children from private schools will be arranged to come to the government school.  Admission test of students who have passed Std. Top Five in Model School will be done and all will be admitted in Model School and KGBV.

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Gujarat Primary Teacher Badli Camp

  Gujarat Primary Teacher Badli Camp 

Gujarat state government has changed the standards for the exchange of thousands of essential instructors and training collaborators in the state, making a choice that would influence them. As per the new guideline, Std 1 to 5 (essential instruction) and Std 6 to 8 (upper essential training) will currently be considered as isolated units. The educator or showing right hand performing an obligation in these units will likewise be moved independently. 

Sort of Transfers 

Antrik Badli 

Aras Pras Badli 

Jillfer Badli 

Moves of instances of genuine sicknesses 

Move for regulatory reasons 

Gujarat Primary Teacher Badli Camp 2021 

Gujarat training division has reported critical changes to the standards for the exchange of essential instructors and educating partners. As per which now Std. 1 to 8 and Std. 6 to 8 are considered as discrete units and the exchange of instructor or training associate must be done independently. That is, in the event of over arrangement, the exchange of Std. 1 to 5 instructors can't be moved in Std. 6 to 8, and Std. 6 to 8 instructors can't be moved in Std. 1 to 5 out of an equal way. 

બદલી કેમ્પ મુશિ દાખલો બ્લેન્ક કોપી (વર્ડ ફાઇલ) 

બદલી કેમ્પ મુશિ દાખલો બ્લેન્ક કોપી (પીડીએફ ફાઇલ) 

Online Badli Camp 

Up until now, three significant goals have been passed with respect to the exchange of instructors or showing associates in Std. 1 to 8 schools of the public authority under the District Primary Education Committee and the Corporation under the Nagar Primary Education Committee. 

After the consideration of standard 8 in grade schools, serious assessments were likewise begun for the enlistment of educators. Qualification of PTC was resolved in the enrollment of instructors of Std. 1 to 5 in the grade school. While in standard 6 to 8, graduation with B.Ed or PTC was made necessary. Notwithstanding, before this, enrollment was done distinctly with PTC capability. gateway was dispatched after the dispatch of the online exchange camp for Taluka move 

Online Badli Camp 2021 

Online Badli Camp 2021 is probably going to be held soon. A round gave by the schooling office some time back additionally said that all the camps ought to be finished. Subsequently Online Badli Camp may occur this year. For the instructors who have been sitting tight for a change for quite a while, it is important to have a camp in the year 2021. 

Badli Camp for Primary Teacher 2021 

In which important upgrades have been produced using time to time in 2012, 2014, and 2016. Since some further alterations should be made taking into account the boundless portrayals, the public authority's schooling division has chosen to correct the standards for the exchange of educators or showing associates in Std 1 to 5 (essential training) and Std 6 to 8 (upper essential instruction) 

Online Badli Camp for Primary Teacher 2021 

The exchange camps of Gujarat essential educators used to be held up close and personal. Camps were coordinated at where opportunities appeared and instructors were chosen by their position. Yet, rather the camp is currently done on the web. Online Badli camp 2021 For Primary Teachers will be accounted for on dpegujarat. in 

Educator Transfer Portal Department of Education Government of Gujarat www. dpegujarat. in – Primary Teacher Transfer Online Badli (Antarik – taluka – Zilla – for – Aras Paras) Taluka Khali Jagya nu List Zilla mama 1 to 5 ane 6 to 8 Khali jagua nu rundown of Primary Teacher Online Badli System and oversaw by Department of Education Gujarat State has at long last begun Teacher Transfer Module Website www. dpegujarat. in instructor additionally referred to and search as Gujarat essential instructor region move list Aras paras badli educators aras paras badli paripatra. 

Locale Internal Transfers of Primary Teachers Demand Timely program for making on the web moves from the modernized framework. 

Gujarat Primary Teacher Badli Camp All Information
 Gujarat Primary Teacher Badli Camp All Information

Jilla ni Antrik Badlio Karykram: 

Online Shikshak Badli Karykram-January-2021 

અરજી ફોર્મ ભરતી વખતે ધ્યાનમાં રાખવાની સૂચના 

 શિક્ષક/વિદ્યાસહાયકની જિલ્લા આંતરિક બદલી અંગેની જાહેરાત વર્ષ:૨૦૨૧ 

With respect to the above subject, we demand you to explain our inquiry. A unique solicitation for sure-fire move of essential instructors in 100 spots in a favorable to area Mahamanthan program. In the event that the round isn't circled by Saturday, exceptional solicitation for getting sorted out Mahamanthan in Sunday program. Is 

Presently, the quantity of instructors in the school has diminished. On the off chance that the educators in the school are in butcher, the way toward setting up a camp in another school where there is a requirement for an instructor is 90% finished. Presently there is a postponement in declaring another camp. From the start, it appeared to be that the camp would be finished in a solitary day with a social separation from the locale central command however for reasons unknown this camp went on for a month. Which was known as a disaster and a reason came to Corona. However, it went on until December nineteenth.

Gujarat Primary Teacher Badli Camp All Information
 Gujarat Primary Teacher Badli Camp All Information

Online Badli Camp 2021:- Circular Click Here 

Talukafer Camps are currently coordinated online in Gujarat state essential educator move camps. In this online exchange camp, educators need to fill in their data on the site and apply for the taluka move camp. The instructor is then arranged for a spot to meet as per position. Primary Teacher Online Badli Application and Order 2021 Primary Teacher Online Badli 2021: Director of Primary Education delivered notice with respect to Online Badli 2021. This is Good information for educators. The intrigued instructor may apply online for Primary Teacher Online Badli Camp 2021 through the true site 

Administration of Gujarat Education Department has Started Primary Teacher Online Badli site. All Candidates who intrigued by Badli can visit this site. Essential Teacher Online Badli official Notification pronounced. Up-and-comers are encouraged to keep visit this page for additional updates and data. Competitors can apply online structure through true site After submitting an online application you can likewise submit a print of utilization and report at the TPEO office. Primary Teacher Online Badli educator additionally referred to and search as Gujarat essential instructor badly camp dpegujarat organization assignment online instructor move Gujarat essential instructor move online application online badly Zilla for bad structure – Primary Teacher Transfer Online Badli (Antarik – taluka – Zilla – for – Aras Paras) 

DPE Notification District Education Committee Primary (Std. 1 to 5) and Higher Primary Schools (Std. 6 to 8) Gujarati Medium educators/Vidhyasahayak. This exchange will be founded on Education Department's round. Intrigued educators for this exchange can apply online on instructor likewise referred to and search as essential educator badly a Miyamoto aras paras badli camp Killefer badly camp aras paras badli new paripatra aras paras newspaper Primary Teacher Online Badli Application and Order 2021 

Name of association: DPE Gujarat 

Significant Date for Online Transfer 2021 

Online Apply Start from 31-01-2021 (12:00) 

Last Date for Online Apply: 02-02-2021 (23:59) 

How to Apply 

Go to the authority site for example 

Peruse cautiously prior to presenting your data 

Enter Your Details and Upload Photo and Sign. 

Presently affirm and print application 

Important Links:

Download Online Badli 2021 Paripatra

ઓનલાઈન બદલી ફોર્મ કેમ ભરવુ ? તેની સ્ટેપ By સ્ટેપ માહિતી આપતી Pdf ફાઈલ* (જૂની વેબસાઈટ મુજબ)

અરજી ફોર્મ ભરતી વખતે ઉમેદવારે ધ્યાનમાં રાખવાની સૂચનાઓ

ઓનલાઈન જિલ્લા આંતરિક બદલી કેમ્પ બાબતે નોકરી લંબાઈનો મુખ્ય શિક્ષકશ્રી એ આપવાનો દાખલાનો નમૂનો 1

ઓનલાઈન જિલ્લા આંતરિક બદલી કેમ્પ બાબતે નોકરી લંબાઈનો મુખ્ય શિક્ષકશ્રી એ આપવાનો દાખલાનો નમૂનો 2

2015માં ભરેલા ફોર્મનો નમૂનો 1

2015માં ભરેલા ફોર્મનો નમૂનો 2

ફોર્મ સાથે જોડવાના ડોક્યુમેન્ટનું લિસ્ટ

ફોર્મ માટે જરૂરી તમામ શાળાના ડાયસકોડ સર્ચ કરો

ફોર્મ માટે જરૂરી તમામ ક્લસ્ટર ડાયસકોડ સર્ચ કરો

બદલી ફોર્મ ભરેલ હોય અને જો સ્થળ ના મળે તો ફરીથી ફોર્મ ભરી શકાય તેની માહિતી

બદલી માટે પતિ પત્ની કેસ માટેના પ્રમાણપત્રનો નમૂનો

બદલી કરેલ શિક્ષક કે વિદ્યાસહાયક સરકારની સૂચના અનુસાર વહીવટી કારણો સર છુટા કરવામાં વહેલું મોડું થાય તો શું ?

શિક્ષકને છુટા થવા માટેની અરજીનો નમૂનો

Up until this point, three goals have been passed with respect to the exchange of educators or training associates in the public authority schools under the region essential instruction council and the company under the town essential training advisory group in Std. 1 to 8 schools. Essential alterations to this goal have been produced using time to time. 

Online Badli Camp Latest News 

Data about directing the current year's online exchange camp was given by the Gujarat Education Department through around. Sources likewise said that data on Online Badli Camp has been gotten. The authority date of this online camp has not been reported at this point. The online exchange camps of the multitude of regions are probably going to be declared soon. 

Jillafer Badli Camp 2021 

Presently the position of both Std 1 to 5 educators and Std 6 to 8 instructors will be considered independently. Because of this, it will be simpler to move locale instructors now. Up to this point, since Std.1 to 8 were considered as continuous units, numerous instructors were denied the advantage of position and their exchanges were postponed. Jillafer Badli Camp 2021 is probably going to be accounted for on 

The District Primary Education Department has begun the method for the exchange of elementary teachers. The instruction office has welcomed applications from grade teachers for area move. 

When applied for a region reasonable, you won't need to apply a subsequent time. 

Solicitations with fragmented subtleties won't be acknowledged. 

An endorsement of not having profited by the arrangement so far must be appended with the application. 

Authentications and CR by marking coins on the application paper. Also, the fundamental help should be appended. 

Applications submitted after the cutoff time won't be acknowledged. 

An authentication expressing that not a solitary recipient has been moved from the arrangement to date must be joined with the application. 

Gujarat Primary Teacher Transfer Camp 

Gujarat Primary Teacher move camp ordinarily occur each year. In any case, now and again an exchange camp can't be coordinated because of unfriendly conditions. With regards to moving camps are arranged each two or even three years. These Gujarat Primary Teacher Transfer Camp incorporate area move, taluka move, and Aras Pars move camps. 

Gujarat Primary Teacher Transfer Rules 

Important alterations in the standards of the move of essential educators have been produced using time to time in 2012, 2014, and 2016. Accordingly, some further revisions were made taking into account the boundless portrayals made by the Government's Department of Education to alter the standards for the substitution of educators or collaborators in essential instruction and higher essential training. Definite data about the exchange will likewise be given on the site 

As per this new alteration, while changing the vacillations, from this point forward, an instructor of Std. 1 to 5 can't be moved to Std. 6 to 8. Likewise, the instructor of Std. 6 to 8 can't be moved to Std. 1 to 5. Prior, if there was an expansion in the number of instructors in Std. 1 to 5 in a similar school, they were remembered for Std. 6 to 8. What's more, if there was an expansion in the number of educators in Std. 6 to 8, it was changed to Std. 1 to 5. 

As per the new standard, if there should be an occurrence of Over arrangement, an educator working in Std 1 to 5 can't be moved to Std 6 to 8 unit. Essentially, an educator from Std. 6 to 8 can't be moved to Std. 1 to 5 unit. These reconsidered government rules will apply on account of over arrangement (Vadh Badli) camps. 

More data will be given on the entry after the declaration of the online exchange camp. Notwithstanding, the most recent data about Gujarat Primary Teacher Badli Camp and Jillafer Badli Camp is additionally posted on our site. So stay associated with us and continue to watch this post.

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Corona Guideline of February 2021

 There will be a night curfew from 11pm to 6am from February 1, 200 people will be allowed at the wedding

200 people have been exempted from public weddings instead of 100

Mandatory masks and sanitizers will be required at the wedding

Corona Guideline Of February  Month
Corona Guideline Of February  Month

A big decision has also been taken regarding night curfew in 4 metros of the state. Based on this, night curfew has been maintained in 4 metros of Gujarat till February 15. The night curfew will now remain in place from 11pm to 6am, with the government also changing the permission of 100 people for weddings. So now 200 people have been exempted from public weddings instead of 100.

The number of weddings has come down due to Korona Kaher, which is why the government has decided to increase the number of guests. 200 people will now be able to attend the wedding, but Corona's rules will have to be strictly adhered to, including mandatory masks, sanitizers. Strict action will be taken if the rules are violated.

50% capacity limit in hall-hotel-banquet hall: Pankaj Kumar

Additional Chief Secretary of the House Pankaj Kumar said that the number of active cases of Kovid-19 has come down significantly across the country in the last four months. Not only that, in Gujarat, with the intensive health measures of the state government and the active and cooperation of the people, the prevalence of corona infection has been reduced to a great extent.

 The state has managed to bring the patient recovery rate to 93.94 percent, so now some of the rules are being relaxed. From now on, hall-hotel-banquet hall-auditorium-community hall-town hall-caste wadi can be kept within 50 percent of the capacity of the venue for social-religious-entertainment or other function-events in closed places, as well as party plots Strict adherence to SOP, including mask-social distance-hand sanitizer, is required for gatherings at plots or other open spaces.

The guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India on January 27 to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the country, including Gujarat, have been strictly adhered to by the State Government from February 1 to February 28 in Gujarat as well. Additional Chief Secretary of the House Pankaj Kumar announced the decision of the state government. Pankaj Kumar said that all activities in the state except for the containment zone could be resumed, but the SOP prescribed for some activities would have to be strictly adhered to.

ગજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

He made it clear that the curfew would be enforced in four metros of the state - Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, and Surat till February 15 from 11 pm to 6 am. The district authorities-local authorities will have to take all necessary steps to encourage proper behavior regarding Covid-19 as well as to ensure that people cover their faces properly, wash their hands frequently and keep them clean as well as adhere to social discrimination. The National Directive for Covind-19 management will also have to be strictly followed across the state. 

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Friday 29 January 2021

Official Economic Survey application, Ministry of Finance

 Official Economic Survey application, Ministry of Finance 

Official Economic Survey application, Ministry of Finance 

Monetary Survey of India is the authority versatile application for 'Financial Survey of India', which is the lead yearly archive of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. This report is introduced to the two Houses of the Parliament during the Budget meeting each year. 

Monetary Survey 2021 PDF Download: The yearly report of the Finance Ministry, Economic Survey 2020-2021, introducing itemized data about the financial circumstance of India has been delivered on January 29, 2021, in front of Budget 2021. The overview was introduced by Chief Economic Advisor Krishnamurthy V Subramanian. 

Official Economic Survey App Ministry Of Finance
Official Economic Survey App Ministry Of Finance

The report is made accessible on the authority site of the public authority and can likewise be handily downloaded in a PDF design. The PDF of the financial overview becomes available whenever it has been postponed by Union Finance Ministry. 

The Economic Survey 2021 has been accessible for general society in both English and Hindi language and is comprehensively partitioned into three classes Volume I, Volume II, and Statistical Index. On one hand, where Volume I and II will introduce the subjective condition of the Indian economy, the factual record will give an itemized quantitative view. 

How to download the Indian Economic Survey 2021 PDF? 

The PDF of Economic Survey 2021 can be effortlessly downloaded from the authority site of the public authority. 


Click  here for the PDF just as for the digital book of Economic Survey 2020-2021. 

Monetary Survey App: 

The Finance Ministry has likewise delivered an Economic Survey App which can be handily downloaded from an application store. The easy to understand application will build the openness of the study as any volume or part of it very well may be perused whenever or put and can likewise be shared. 

The application will be incredibly helpful for the clients as they can get all the volumes of the Economic Survey including Volume I, Volume II, Statistical Appendix, the digital book of the study, and groundbreaking thoughts on the Indian economy. 

About Economic Survey: 

Monetary Survey is introduced by the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance in Parliament before the Union Budget is introduced. The review is set up under the direction of the Chief Economic Advisor and is likewise introduced by them. 

The yearly lead archive of the Finance Ministry is especially the division's view on the monetary advancement of the country. It incorporates introducing the effect of a portion of the significant government's plans and furthermore assesses the length of its advantage. 

The archive is incredibly huge as it encourages the basic resident to think about the current circumstance of the economy and furthermore illuminates them regarding the key financial choices taken by the public authority.

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SSC CGL Recruitment Notification for 6506 Vacancies

  SSC CGL Recruitment Notification for 6506 Vacancies 

SSC CGL Recruitment Notification for 6506 Vacancies, The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has given a warning for Combined Graduate Level Group B and C Posts (CGL) today 29 December 2020 (Tuesday). Up-and-comers who are eager to apply for SSC CGL 2021 can apply online at the latest SSC official site at the very latest 25 January 2021. The last date for keeping the SSC CGL charge through online mode is 02 February 2021. 

SSC CGL Recruitment Notification for 6506 Vacancies
SSC CGL Recruitment Notification for 6506 Vacancies

SSC CGL Recruitment Notification for 6506 Vacancies 

SSC CGL choice will be done based on SSC CGL Exam 2021 (Tier-I) trailed by Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 Exam. SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam is planned to be held from 29 May to 07 June 2021 in on the web (PC based) mode. 

SSC CGL Exam 2020: Vacancy subtleties 

The SSC CGL Exam 2020 will fill the different posts including: 

Collaborator Audit Officer 

Collaborator Accounts Officer 

Collaborator Section Officer 



Sub Inspector 

Junior Statistical Officer 

Qualification for SSC CGL Recruitment 

Up-and-comers ought to have a Bachelor's Degree in any stream or comparable from a perceived Board/University/Institution. 

Colleague Audit Officer – Bachelor's Degree in any subject from a perceived University/Desirable Qualification: CA/CS/MBA/Cost and Management Accountant/M.Com/Masters in Business Studies Statistical Investigator Grade-II – Bachelor's Degree in any subject with Statistics as one of the subjects. 

The competitors are more likely than not examined Statistics as a subject in all the three years of the graduation course. 

Junior Statistical Officer – Bachelor's Degree in any subject from a perceived University or Institute within any event 60% Marks in Mathematics at twelfth standard level or Bachelor's Degree in any subject with Statistics as one of the subjects at degree level. 

Any remaining Posts – Bachelor's Degree from a perceived University or same. The up-and-comers showing up in the last year of their graduation can likewise apply 

Application Fee 

General/OBC Candidates Application Fee: 100/ - 

SC/ST/PH Candidates Application Fee: Nil. 

All Category Female Application Fee: Nil. 

Pay Scale 

Colleague Audit Officer Group 'B' Gazetted (Non-Ministerial) Pay Level 8 (47600 – 151100). 

Colleague Section Officer, Assistant, Inspector, (Central Excise), Asstt. Implementation Officer, Sub Inspectors Pay Level 7 (44900-142400). 

Sub-Inspector, Assistant/Superintendent, Assistant Pay Level 6 (35400-112400). 

Colleague Accounts Officer Group B Gazetted (Non-Ministerial) Pay Level 8 (47600-151100). 

Duty Assistant, Senior Secretariat Assistant/Upper Division Clerk Pay Level 4 (25500-81100). 

Bookkeeper/Junior Accountant, Auditor Pay Level 5 (29200-92300). 

Factual Investigator Gr. II, Junior Statistical Officer Pay Level 6 (35400-112400). 

Age Limit 

Least Age: 18 years. 

Greatest Age: 30 years. 

Determination Process 

Level I: Computer Based Exam. 

Level II: Computer Based Exam. 

Level III: Pen and Paper Mode (Descriptive paper). 

Level IV: Computer Proficiency Test/Data Entry Skill Test. 

Record Verification. 

The most effective method to Apply 

Method of Apply: Through Online. 

Occupation Location: All India. 

Significant Links 

Download/View Notification 

Apply Online Link 

Significant Dates 

Online Form accommodation Start: December 29, 2020 

Last Date to Submit Application: January 31, 2021 

Last Date to Submit Online Fee: January 31, 2021

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Indian Army NCC Special Entry Recruitment 2021

  Indian Army NCC Special Entry Recruitment 2021 

Indian Army has distributed the enlistment notice for the NCC Special Entry Scheme 49th course (April 2021) for Short Service Commission (NT). Qualified unmarried male and unmarried female can apply on from 08 Jan to 06 February 2021. Check Details Here.

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Recruitment 2021
Indian Army NCC Special Entry Recruitment 2021

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Recruitment 2021 

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Recruitment 2021: Indian Army has distributed the enlistment notice for the NCC Special Entry Scheme 49th course (April 2021) for Short Service Commission (NT). Qualified unmarried male and unmarried female (counting wards of fight losses of armed force staff) can apply online for India Army NCC Recruitment 2021 on joinindianarmy.nic. from 08 January to 06 February 2021. 

It is to be noticed that the up-and-comers can show up for just one of the Services Selection Board (SSB) meet, either SSC (NT)- 113 Course (Apr 2021)/SSC (NT) (Women)- 27 Course (Apr 2021) as CDSE up-and-comer OR NCC (Special) Entry-49 Course (Apr 2021). 

A sum of 55 openings is accessible out of which 50 are for NCC Men and 5 for NCC Women. Check more subtleties on the Indian Army NCC 49th course, for example, qualification, determination measure, opening break underneath: 

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Important Dates 

Beginning Date of Application – 08 January 2021 

Last Date of Application – 06 February 2021 

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Vacancy Details 

Absolute Posts – 55 

NCC Men – 50 Posts (45 for General Category and 05 for Wards of Battle Casualties of Army workforce as it were). 

NCC Women – 5 Posts (04 for General Category and 01 for Wards of Battle Casualties of Army faculty as it were). 

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Period of Probation 

An official will be waiting on the post trial process for a time of a half year from the date he/she gets his/her bonus. On the off chance that he/she is accounted for inside the trial time frame as unsatisfactory to hold his/her bonus, his/her administrations might be ended any time whether previously or after the expiry of the trial time frame. 

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Salary 

Lieutenant – Level 10, Rs. 56,100 – 1,77,500 

Chief – Level 10 B Rs. 61,300 – 1,93,900 

Major – Level 11 Rs. 69,400 – 2,07,200 

Lieutenant Colonel – Level 12A, Rs. 1,21,200 – 2,12,400 

Colonel – Level 13 Rs. 1,30,600 – 2,15,900 

Brigadier – Level 13A, Rs. 1,39,600 – 2,17,600 

Significant General – Level 14, Rs. 1,44,200 – 2,18,200 

Lieutenant General HAG – Scale Level 15, Rs. 1,82,200 – 2,24,100 

Lt Gen HAG+Scale – Level 16, Rs. 2,05,400 – 2,24,400 

VCOAS/Army Cdr/Lieutenant General (NFSG) – Level 17, Rs. 2,25,000/ - (fixed) COAS Level 18 2,50,000/ - (fixed) 

Military Service Pay (MSP) – MSP to the officials from the position of Lt to Brig ₹ 15,500/ - p.m. fixed. 

Fixed Stipend for Cadet Training Stipend to Gentlemen or Lady Cadets during the whole term of preparing in Service foundations for example during preparing period at OTA. 

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Eligibility Criteria 

For NCC 'C' Certificate Holders: 

Instructive Qualification: 

Level of a perceived University or comparable with a total of least half checks considering characteristics of the multitude of years. Those concentrating inconclusive years are likewise permitted to apply given they have made sure about least half total imprints in the initial two/three years of three/four years degree course separately. 

Administration in NCC: 

Ought to have worked for least of three years (wef 22 Feb 2013 to onwards work date)or two years (23 May 2008 till 21 Feb 2013) in the senior Division/Wing of NCC 


Ought to have gotten least of 'B' Grade in 'C' Certificate Exam of NCC. Candidates, who are not holding the NCC 'C' Certificate on the date of utilization, are not qualified to apply for the course. 

For Ward of Battle Casualties of Army Personnel: 

Instructive Qualification: 

Level of a perceived University or comparable with a total of least half. NCC 'C' authentication not needed for Wards of Battle Casualties. 

Choice Process for Indian Army NCC Special Entry 

Shortlisting of Applications – Integrated HQ of MoD (Army) saves the privilege for shortlisting of utilizations, without doling out any explanation. Subsequent to shortlisting of utilizations, the Center distribution will be implied to applicants through their email 

SSB Interview – Only shortlisted qualified up-and-comers will go through SSB at Selection Centers, Allahabad(UP), Bhopal(MP), Bangalore (Karnataka), and Kapurthala (PB). Call up letter for an SSB meeting will be given by a particular Selection Center on up-and-comers' enlisted email id and SMS as it were. 

Up-and-comers will be gotten through a two-phase determination strategy. The individuals who clear Stage I will go to Stage II. The individuals who fizzle in stage I will be returned around the same time. The span of SSB meet is five days and subtleties of the equivalent are accessible on the true site of Directorate General of Recruiting ie 

Important Link 

Clinical Exam – Candidates who get suggested after Stage II will be called for Medical Exam 

Legitimacy List – The competitors who breeze through the clinical assessment will be given a joining letter based on legitimacy 

Step by step instructions to apply for Indian Army NCC 49 Special Entry Scheme 2021? 

Intrigued and qualified applicants can apply to Indian Army NCC Posts through the online mode through Indian Army site from 08 January to 06 February 2021. 

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