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Thursday, 13 August 2020

Second unit test Std 3 to 12 Ayojan babat latest paripatra date 13/8/20

Second unit test Std 9 to 12 Ayojan  babat latest paripatra date 13/8/20

In this post we are provide information about Std 3 to 12 second unit test and abyash karm .

According to the above topic and context with Jayabharat, coVin-19 education will continue even in case of closure of schools during Maha Mari. 
Home Learning Efforts have been undertaken by the Education Department of the State Government to maintain continuity in the study.  Educational programs for Std-09 to Std-12 students can be viewed on DD Girnar panel, Vande Gujarat channel and Board's YOU TUBE channel. 

As well as virtual classrooms of many schools are also run.  Continuous assessment is part of the study-teaching process.  On the basis of which remedial teaching can be done by knowing the raw material of the student.  This unit test is not a formal examination, but part of a continuous assessment.

 Based on the results of this test, besides the teacher, the parents can also give necessary guidance by knowing the condition of their children.  In addition to therapeutic education, the test also aims to make the necessary changes under 'Home Learning Programs'.  Thus, planning has to be carried out keeping in view the following instructions regarding the second unit test of Std-08 to Std-12 of August-2020.  The unit test of standard-09 to 12 will have to be given by the student as per convenience during -27/08/2020 and -28/08/2020.

 The unit test covers two related subjects.  The question paper of each subject will be of 25 marks and its duration will be maximum one hour. 

- The subjects and syllabus of the unit test will be till the month of June and July, the details of which are given in the enclosure, - The unit test will be organized on the basis of the textbook published by Gujarat State School Textbook Board.

, The unit test femal address of the office here has been delivered to the official and confidential [nmNl address] on 24/08/2020 from the unit test femal address here, the password is also sent to be password protected.

  - The District Education Officer should send the unit test question papers on 25/08/2020 to the official and confidential e-mail address of all SVS / QDs convenors of the district, - The svs / QDs convener should send all the private / private  ?

  The principals of government secondary / higher secondary schools will have to send the unit test question papers to their official and confidential e-mail address.  - In the above chain ... GSHSEB - DEo - svs / abc Convener Principal, ... Create a new one for each phase of E-mail Address unit separately for testing.

  The official person has to keep complete confidentiality till 28/03/2020.  Which will be used for all unit tests.  - Unit Test Question Paper sent to District Education Officer on 24/08/2020 from here to the official email address on 27/08/2020 on the Board's website www.gseb br;

  Question papers will also be placed on.  So that students / parents can easily get question papers.  - The principal will have to give instructions to the students to write the answers of the unit test of both the subjects in a separate notebook made at their convenience by themselves from 10/09/2020 at home under the supervision of the guardian.

  The answers written by the student in the notebook should be delivered in soft copy or hard copy to the principal of the school by 10/09/2020. 

Parents / students who cannot come to school should be instructed to send in soft copy.  - Principals will have to plan to get the answers of the question papers in soft copy as far as possible otherwise taking into account the situation of coVID-19 while getting the notebook in hard copy.

  - Allow parents to come to the school in phased numbers in a manner that maintains social distance to get the answer book notebook, as well as keep a box in the school for notebook acceptance.  Keep the notebook in the school for three days.  Only then should teachers have an assessment process.  - Instructions for uploading answer book marks by the school will be given later.  - In addition to Ta. 

The test will have to be conducted keeping in view the instructions given in the video conference held on 23/07/2020 in the place of the chairman of the school office.

Unit test latest paripatra see below images

Std  9 to 12 Abhaysh kram read below images

Important link

Read paripatra click here 

Std 9 to 12 Abhaysh karm

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