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Sunday, 29 November 2020

How To Boost immunity in winter

   How To Boost immunity in winter 

Consume whole grains, ginger-garlic, and jaggery to keep warm in winter and boost immunity, learn its benefits from experts

It is beneficial to consume corn, sorghum, millet, and ragi in winter

Sesame, peanuts, and jaggery prevent dry skin

How To Boost immunity in winter
 How To Boost immunity in winter 

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Winter has begun. Diet needs to be changed at this time. According to experts, winter should include things in the diet that keep the body warm and boost the immune system.

We are telling you about diet-related items which are cheap and easily available. It has a healthy and warm nature. Dietitian and Ayurveda expert Dr. Learn from Kiran Gupta what diet to follow in winter ...

These 5 things need to be included in the diet

Whole grains: Keep the body warm while controlling weight

Eat corn, sorghum, millet and ragi in winter. It can be taken in the form of thuli, roti. So the use of wheat will be reduced so that the weight will be under control. However, special care should be taken not to consume too much ghee with these grains.

Raw garlic, turmeric and ginger: It boosts the immune system

These 3 things should be consumed in winter. Apart from this green garlic and raw turmeric are also beneficial. It has medicinal properties. A. Increases metabolism so that weight remains in control. Garlic can be used as a sauce and turmeric as a pickle.

Sesame, peanuts, and jaggery: It brightens the skin

All three can be eaten together or separately. It is warm in nature, but also contains a good amount of iron, which is needed in winter. The biggest problem in winter is dry skin. Regular consumption of sesame and groundnut keeps the skin glowing and supple. Jaggery can also be used instead of sugar in winter tea and carrot halva.

Green leafy vegetables: It protects against phlegm

This season, green leafy vegetables including fenugreek, spinach, fern, chili are found in abundance. It is rich in vitamins A, E, K, folic acid, ions, potassium, and calcium. All of these items should be consumed in any form at lunch or dinner. It controls weight and is also an expectorant.

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Green Salad: Improves digestion and prevents weight gain

Carrots, radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, green onions are available in large quantities in winter. It should be included in both lunch and dinner meals. Green salads not only provide the body with vitamins and minerals but also improve digestion. Improving metabolism helps in weight control.

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