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Saturday 23 January 2021

Screen Light Table Lamp - Relaxing Sounds APK 2021

  Screen Light Table Lamp - Relaxing Sounds APK 2021 

This Screen Light Table Lamp application empowers your cell phone's screen/show to a multicolor light, spotlight, understanding light. It additionally has hand-picked nature sounds that give an extraordinary encounter of unwinding. It is outstanding amongst other screen light table lights in 2020. 

Screen Light Table Lamp - Relaxing Sounds APK 2021
 Screen Light Table Lamp - Relaxing Sounds APK 2021

Elective Flash Light 

You can utilize this application as a choice to Flash Light. 

Super LED electric lamp with simple controls. 

Loosening up Nature Sounds 

The application can be utilized for the light as well as for unwinding. Excellent relieving hints of nature can assist you with unwinding and rest better. It has night and timberland sounds, wave, downpour and thunder, creek, rings, and flying creatures singing sounds. 

Screen Light for dozing 

On the off chance that you don't care for your night to be totally dim, you can utilize this screen light table light prior to dozing. This light will make your night more agreeable. 

Individual Moment 

Spend your own second in a cool emotional climate by utilizing Screen Light Table Lamp. You can undoubtedly set your ideal tone to make your own second more delightful. 

Book Reading Light 

Utilizing this lamp application you can peruse books in obscurity. This application can be an excellent table light for study. You can change the splendor power and shading. It likewise has a rest clock choice so you can utilize it and nod off while perusing, without stressing over your telephone's battery emptying out. 

Book Reading Bookmark 

While perusing books with this book perusing light application you can monitor your perusing progress of numerous books. Such a lot of simple to enter a book's page number and update pages. 

Contemplation Time 

Delicate light contemplation assists with improving your psychological solidness and inward harmony. Screen Light Table Lamp application will assist with making a pleasant climate with lessened light. You can undoubtedly control the brilliance and shading. 

Shading preset 

There is some cool and delicate tone presets in the application with respect to the shading wheel. You can undoubtedly change the tone by swiping left and right. As a matter of course following preset shading, lights are given. 

White shading light, Red shading light, Yellow shading Light, Green shading light, Blue shading light, 

Purple shading light, Magenta shading light. 

Light's shading customization 

In this screen light top-notch application, you can make your ideal shading light by picking the custom tone from a custom shading palette. Different custom tones can be utilized. 

This screen light splendor application has the simplest method to control brilliance, set clock/rest clock, change tones, thus substantially more. 

Download This Apk From here

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