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Wednesday, 13 April 2022

ક્યા ખોરાકમાં શેની મિલાવટ છે ઘરે બેઠા જાણવાની સરળ રીત

 Report to framework whenever confounded after home examination: ASI Commissioner

Food defilement is on the ascent and many spots have been assaulted with synthetic compounds. Food corruption comes in lab tests while not every person can finish this test. So how might individuals effectively be aware in the event that what they have purchased is protected or not?

Rajkot District Food and Drugs Assistant Commissioner L.D. Talking about with Faldu, he said that the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has given a Dart Book for example Identify Alteration with Rapid Test which can be downloaded from the site and by concentrating on it one can undoubtedly realize that it is blended in with milk, ghee. Whether, oil, cereals. If.

No different gadgets are expected for this. In certain tests, iodine called color is found in clinical stores and can be distinguished in light of it, as it has a variety changing nature in certain mixes. Demand the bill at the hour of procurement and in the event that there is any disarray in it report it to the company or locale organization and direct move can be made where the buy is made.

Put a drop of milk on a smooth surface like a glass. In the event that these beads land on the ground and abandon a white line, it is unadulterated milk, on the off chance that it doesn't leave and streams right away, it contains more water.


ક્યા ખોરાકમાં શેની મિલાવટ છે ઘરે બેઠા જાણવાની સરળ રીત,

 દૂધ, મધ, હળદર, મસાલા, હિંગ અને ઘી માં ટિંક્ચરના બે ટીપાથી જાણી શકાશે ભેળસેળ છે કે નહીં

જાણો કઈ રીતે ભેળસેળ ની ખબર પડશે

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

Put a little honey in a glass of water. Assuming that honey breaks up in water, it will be sugar. Unadulterated honey doesn't dissolve. Additionally put honey in cotton honey and consume it, unadulterated honey will consume right away and there will be clamor in the blend.

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