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Monday, 10 August 2020

what is a black box and what is it used for and what is its capacity

what is a black box and what is it used for and what is its capacity

Hello, I will tell you today what is a black box and what is it used for and what is its capacity.

what is a black box

Flight AXB-1344 of Air India express reached Kozhikode from Dubai at 7.41 pm under the Vande Bharat Mission on Friday (07-08-2020). The heavy rain made it very difficult for Pilot to land on runway-10. At this point, the Runway aircraft shut down the Runway. It split into two in a 35-foot deep moat. Eighteen people died in the incident. Investigators found a BlackBox on the Air India Express flight. Now with its help, an effort is being made to find out how the accident happened, what was the speed of the aircraft at that time, what Pilot was talking about.

What is the black box?

 The color of the Black-Box is not black, but orange. It is an electronic recording device made of steel or titanium, which helps investigators find the cause of a plane crash.

 The blackbuck is also called a flight recorder. There are two types of this. Flight data recorder (FDR) and cockpit voice recorder (CVR). Combined with both devices, it is a checkbox-shaped unit.

 The FDR records about 80 movements per second, such as wind speed, altitude, upward speed, and fuel flow. It has 25 hours of recording storage. File data recorder (FDR) Records Cockpit. Records the pilot's interactions with his vehicle traffic control. It also records the sound of the switch and the engine.

 Why Black Box is required?

Equipped with radio, radars and electronic navigation equipment, Buck was born in a British fighter plane during World War II. Until that time, investigators were not involved in the plane crash cases.

 It was a secret electronic device placed in a non-reflective BlackBox. It later took the shape of two orange bins to detect an accident as soon as possible. In the early days, metal strips were used as a recorder. Which later became a magnetic stripe and then solid-state memory chips. BlackBox is mandatory on any commercial flight and a corporate jet.

This is a document of the flight history of the BlackBox aircraft, which is placed in the tail of the aircraft. So that it has the least impact on crashing. CVR Cockpit can record two hours of sounds.

 How to get BlackBox?

The black box is equipped with an Underwater Locator Beacon (ULB). If an aircraft is submerged in water, the beacon sends an ultrasonic pulse that can be detected by Sonar and Audio devices at a depth of 14,000 feet.

 It runs on a beacon battery with a shelf life of 6 years. Once it starts giving a signal, it sends a signal every second until the battery power goes out for 30 days.

Can any other device work instead of BlackBox?
 Possibilities are being explored as to how to send all the required data directly to ground-based stations in real-time instead of small black boxes.

 The Air to ground system sends flight data to the ground using satellites. This will obviate the need to find a BlackBox. Investigation time will be saved. The aircraft can be saved even in times of crisis.

 Scientists are also working on satellite and GPS capabilities, data storage speed, and battery life. So that new innovations become faster and lighter. The challenge is to create a system that can handle large volumes. Tracks all commercial flight activities. Especially with the help of satellite and Data Storage.

How long does it take to analyze BlackBox Data?

 Typically, data is analyzed in 10–15 days from a black-box. Meanwhile, they analyze Pilot's interactions with the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) before the accident.

 It Helps investigators understand whether the pilot knew the plane was heading for an accident. It is also understood that he had difficulty controlling the aircraft.

 Apart from this, the investigating officers also look at different data records at the airport. It shows the speed of touch down and time on the runway.

I have explained to you in this blog post that what is a black box and what is it used and why it is used in flight, I have given all the same answers in this post.

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